The Right EquipmentGetting the right tools in coaches, mentors, books, and other information goes along with unlocking what is blocking our progress.  We get these great motives for change but often fail to follow through.  We make changes for the moment but lose sight of what is blocking us from going to the next level.  I believe that what might be missing is the practical understanding of our human psychology.  The people speaking into our lives need to be those who celebrate you and do not contribute to a limited way of thinking.

Find someone effective who can help measure your progress, empower you, and hold you to a higher standard.  I find in my own life that if I tell someone about something I am going to do, I look for those who can help me get it done by encouraging me when I begin to slip and holding me accountable without being critical.

The tools we are talking about include the best teachers that you can find to help you develop your vision, your goals, your dreams.  Do everything you can to move from glory to glory.  Do not get stuck.  You have been created for a limitless life.