New beginningsOpportunities are all around in the areas of finances, relationships, attitudes, health, well-being encouraging you to come to the place of recognizing your own potential.  I believe there are those of you reading this today that may be thinking you need to take a course on new beginnings. You need to clean out your mental closet.  I have found that you can make all kinds of decisions but that does not mean anything actually transpired from the thought.  It doesn’t necessarily mean you got your closet cleaned out just because you made a decision.

I want to encourage you to write down the steps you are going to take once you have made a decision to move in a positive forward direction.  If you decide to lose weight, take a new class, sign up for life coaching, whenever you make that decision, make a positive move in that direction so you can begin to disconnect from the things that have been familiar.  Do not try to do something new by embracing the old way that you used to do it.

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