Teachable Moments: The Patterns of Life

the patterns of life

We all have a thought about something in life. Science has proven that our thoughts are ALIVE! When thoughts are detonated and become words, either positive or negative, they will explode into deeds or actions once released into the atmosphere.  Change has to occur in our mind first before it does anywhere else.  We must learn how to control our thoughts because they are the most powerful things we have! Are you aware of the power of your own thoughts and the impact they have on your life?

Teachable Moment: Opting Out

Opting out

If you truly want to see the benefit of your visions becoming a reality, do not excuse yourself from the pain or the process that it will take to get there.  When faced with making the hard decisions, it can be very tempting to take the path of least resistance; the mindset that encourages you to opt out, hide your head in the sand, and sweep the hard things under the rug. Can you recall a time when you chose to opt out rather than make a decision about something in life? Looking back on it now, how did that … Continue Reading

Teachable Moment: Taking Inventory

Taking Inventory

Oftentimes, we fail to reach our goals or dreams because we are still hanging on to unprofitable familiar things in our life.  These obstacles or familiar things may be relationships, friendships or associations, thoughts or beliefs, habits, or geographical situations. Take an inventory of things that your life consists of that might be hindering your ability to move forward.   When you choose to commit to leaving the things that are not serving your vision behind, and all those things that hinder your passion and purpose, then you will be ready to launch your dreams into realities. What are some of … Continue Reading

Teachable Moments: Focused Dreamers

Do you have a written plan to move your dream forward?

Focused dreamers become successful people that have the passion, the innovation, and the initiative to reach the levels of success they have envisioned and dreamed. Write your plan. Understand who you are, where you are going, and how you will get to your destination. Plan your work, then work your plan. Do you have a written plan to move your dream forward?

Teachable Moments: The Seedbed of Dreams

Surround yourself with those who see things in a positive light

Internalizing your failure kills the seedbed of dreams and visions.  Surround yourself with those who see things in a positive light, who speak truth, and who follow through in helping you transition from failure to success. What are the life-giving characteristics of those you surround yourself with?

Teachable Moments: From Failure to Success

Your opinion and how you think about failure can determine how high you will ascend as you climb the ladder of success.  Failure is generally thought of as falling short in some area or being deficient in some way.  A total and complete reversal of our thoughts about failure can transform the attributes of failure into character, integrity, and excellence.  Your thoughts about failure can be reversed to create an atmosphere that is filled with success and distinction. How have you changed the atmosphere in your own life by looking at failure as a teachable moment?

Teachable Moments: Being Fully Engaged

Do you consider yourself an intentional, full body, fully engaged listener?

Open more than your ears; open your entire being to what is said, including the between-the-lines dialogue.  I often wonder how much more I would have been aware of, would have come away with, would have been able to pass along to others as experiential wisdom had I learned the discipline of intentional listening at a young age. Do you consider yourself an intentional, full body, fully engaged listener?