You Are in Charge

I was living in a 16-room house with airplanes and boats and everything. My husband’s desire was to make millions of dollars and mine was to spend his money, which I did well. 

And then the Lord says, “Sell what you have and give it to the poor. Come and follow me.”

I said, “George, the Lord wants me to give away everything that we have, all the land, all the property.”

George says, “Honey, don’t talk to God when I’m not there.” 

I asked God, “Lord, what makes you happy?”

He said, “I do. I’m going to turn everybody into me. I’m just a family man. When you plant apples, you don’t get potatoes. Every seed reproduces its own kind.”

You may think, “I’m just a poor banished child of Eve, just getting by.” 

No, you’re not. You were, but you got born again. You got plugged in. You are moving into a dimension of the intention of God that the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord even as the waters cover the sea. 

You have been created to be in charge

You can afford to be humble when you own it all. You can afford to be magnanimous. 

Every time you give something away, it comes back to you full measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over.

You can begin to say, “Oh my God. I can afford to be filled with mercy. I’ve got the price to pay. I am magnanimous from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. I believe the Word of God. I am complete.”

Stop trying to get what you’ve already got. Tell your past it’s over.

I call you rich.

God’s people are in charge. You are in charge. God has spoken through his prophets that the wealth of the wicked would be released to the righteous.

I see great winds blowing. I see a rain cloud coming. We send up the vapor, so he sends down the rain. You’ve got to understand again and again.

Lord, send a flood on this dry, dry earth. And he says, child of God with the new birth as a river of life flowing full and free. You’ve got to understand when you agree, a river of love and power, it’s true, and nothing is impossible for you to do.

Rivers of love, rivers of life send up the vapor. It will rain. Listen to the Word of God, again and again. Stir up the waters of God. Flood the earth with the revelation Truth. Open up your mouth and turn me loose.

You’ve got the power when you’re saved. No more delay. 

Do not wait for God to fall. He is arising. Call out the name of Christ. 

Where you focus, it is true, that is exactly what you’ll do. Where your focus goes, the anointing of God, the river flows. Set your affection on God. 

You must make investments. The ability to use knowledge skillfully is yours. 

Where you sow your seed there is increase. Every seed reproduces its own kind.

My mama, when she was five years old, her mother died. There were five little children. It was during the time of the depression.

Two weeks after her mother died, a loaded gun was left in the house, and she shot her leg off. There was nobody to take care of five little children. They put them in an orphanage. My mother was separated from all of her siblings, and she had never heard of God. 

She was in the orphanage. It was during the depression. They were the poorest of the poor. Nobody ever told her about Jesus. She came in, and they referred to her as the little cripple girl in the back. 

This man they called Daddy Flowers came in at Christmastime. He brought in a Christmas tree. She had never seen anything so beautiful. He gave her an apple, an orange, and a nickel. 

He asked her, “Has anybody ever told you about Jesus?”

If He was better than an apple, an orange, and a nickel, He must be marvelous. And she said, “No, sir.”

He said, “Well, Jesus loves you. He’s the Son of God. Would you like for Him to come into your heart?” 

Mama got saved.

My mama said to me one day, “Honey, I was sitting outside, God gave me an open vision, and I saw you preaching.”

I said, “Honey, you’ve been sitting in the sun too long. It isn’t happening. Do you hear me? I’m going to Broadway.”

She said, “No, you’re going the narrow way.” 

My mama marked me. Now, I’m marking you today. By marking you today, you are rich and not poor. You are blessed. You are empowered.

Thanks be to God, who always causes us to triumph in every situation. 

Watch God roll up His sleeves and believe.

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