Delay is not denial. 

What have you been waiting for? Is it your inheritance, a green card, an education, or a job? Whatever it is, don’t be disappointed.

Set your faith in agreement with the infallible word of God. 

Do that today. I want you to set your faith with me. I want to encourage you. It is the prophetic voice of God that heals the wounded body of Christ. A prophetic voice is one that bubbles up from the inner man and that the word of God comes forth out of them. 

I don’t know if you’re acclimated to receiving prophecy, but I am a prophet, and I do receive prophetic words. Today, while I was praying and teaching, I kept feeling the power of God say, “Speak a prophetic word, speak a word to encourage, speak a word that will bring hope, speak a word of life.”

I want to be obedient to the power, the presence, and the person of the Holy Spirit. 

May you be enriched. 

May you be absolutely informed and transformed by the power and the person of God. 

Father, I thank you for using us in incredible ways. Lord, that we become instruments of your joy and of your peace. Lord, we thank you for the opportunity that you give us to come before each person reading this. Lord, you know who they are. 

Father, in the authority of the name of Jesus, I reach into the realm of the ever-present now. Lord God, I thank you for the wisdom and the ability to use knowledge skillfully that will come forth. It will not only touch lives, but there will be great, wonderful, mighty, majestic miracles of healing. 

Father, I thank you right now. I prophesy into the realm of the spirit world. Lord, to the homeless, to the brokenhearted, Lord God, to those that are in conflict, those that are on the border, Lord God, those that are without gainful employment, and those who are disillusioned. 

Lord God, this spirit of discontent that has come upon the world, the pandemic, those with COVID, the nurses, the doctors, and those that have worked diligently. 

I prophesy, Satan, you are a defeated foe. It may look like you have gained some power, but I’m telling you in the authority, in the name of Jesus, that the Lamb of God taketh away the sins of the world and has defeated hell, death, and the grave. 

It is my declaration and my proclamation, that those that receive the name of Jesus, those that have said come into my heart, Lord Jesus, take me like I am and do with me what you will. For those that love you, Lord God, I release them into the rivers of the wonderful abundance of God. I send up the vapor, Lord God, I speak as the oracle of God, and I ask you, Lord to send down the rain. 

I thank you, Father, for those that need breakthroughs today, children that need to be fed, the hurting, and the oppressed. Lord God, merciful God, mighty God, majestic God, let your angels run to and fro throughout the face of the earth. 

Satan, you’re a defeated foe. I remind you you’re old and ugly, you’ll never know the love of God, you’ve lost your glorified body. The hole that you have dug to put God’s people in, we put you into it. We reverse the curse, everything that you’re planning to do. 

Father, we thank you right now that we release into the realm of the spirit Lord the provisions that are needed to take care of the hungry and the hurting, Lord God to take care of the homeless, to take care of little children that have been abducted. Lord God, women that are planning on having an abortion. Lord God, let them change their mind. Turn, turn, turn, and preserve the lives of these precious babies. 

Father, I thank you for the wonderful privilege that you give us to pray in the authority of the name of Jesus. 

You sweet people that are here now, may this power of the wonderful spirit of the living God transcend and do wonderful things in your heart, in your life, and answer these prayers. 

I pray that each and every one of you reading this today will say, “Yes, something’s going on. The spirit of the Lord is moving, and I’m being healed, I’m being delivered, I’m being encouraged, I’m being exhorted.”

Let the power, the supernatural power of God, be released. 

I love you with the love of the Lord and I speak as the oracle of God over your life that you are blessed, you are empowered, you are successful, and you have wisdom for success. 

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