Unexpected opportunities appear when you wait on the Lord

We may think certain opportunities are perfect, but we may need to wait on the Lord. 

I thought I was called to Broadway, but God was calling me to the narrow way. 

When I was 31 years old, I had gone to college and majored in speech and drama, and I knew, I just knew that my calling was to go to Broadway. I found out God will let you believe whatever you need to believe to get you where he’s ultimately taking you. 

God was not the least bit interested in me going to Broadway, he was interested in me going the narrow way. But I had to go through a waiting time and a waiting season. At 31 years old, I was happily married with five children. I knew television was what I wanted to do. I just wanted to tell the vision.

I had received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I prayed for this gentleman, who was the governor of the state of Louisiana. He got born again and he got baptized in the Holy Ghost. He was also a media mogul.

The governor owned all these television stations. He called me and said, “Clarice, we want to give you your own television show.” 

It was one of those moments where I thought this must be God. Keep in mind that I was new and young in the things of God. I just knew that this was the big deal, this was the great vision.

I went home and told my husband that I had been offered this incredible opportunity.

That night I went to bed, and I said, “Oh Lord, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for being able to give me this opportunity. I just know it’s going to be for the glory of God.” I was happy as a little June bug. 

Then the Lord spoke to me, and said, “I didn’t tell you to do that.” I said, “I rebuke you, Devil. I take authority over you, you wicked thing that would come and try to stop my wonderful opportunity.”

The thing about rebuking the devil is when that voice doesn’t go away, it might be God talking to you

I said, “Lord, why would you tell me that I couldn’t do it?” 

He said, “Because you don’t know anything yet, that’s why. After two programs you’re going to have to sign off. You don’t know enough yet. You’re not prepared. You’re going to do it, but it’ll be for another time and another season.”

Well, when you go from 31 to 75 years old, you will find out you can learn some stuff in that length of time. You can find out about waiting upon the Lord.

I heard this story about a man who had lost his job. He was so frustrated.

Finally, after two years, his wife said, “You better go find something. You better act like you’re doing something. Even if you have to pick up bottles on the side of the road, you need to get out there and get to work.” 

She was upset with him because he had given up. 

You can’t give up. You’ve got to keep moving.

The guy goes out to get a job. The only thing he sees is a place at the city zoo that said, “Help wanted.” He went in. They told him they didn’t have anything. They had already hired somebody.

While they were talking, a wonderful thing happened. A man ran in and said, “Oh, the most terrible thing happened. Our gorilla just died.”

Yes, the gorilla died. They had all the little kindergarten kids coming in. The gorilla is the most exciting thing to see. They can’t wait to see the gorilla. 

The workers at the zoo said, “We don’t have anybody to wear the gorilla suit.”

Finally, the man standing there looking for a job said, “I would love to wear the gorilla suit.”

All of a sudden, he realized gainful employment had presented itself. He had to look interested. He had to make himself available. 

They told him the gorilla suit was old, stinky, and heavy. He said, “I love that. Just put it on me.”

They put it on him. They told him all he had to do was stand way in the back and every now and then when the kids came in to beat his chest.

Here come the children, the guy’s standing way in the back. The little kids began to clap their hands, and they said, “Gorilla, gorilla.” They were so excited about it. 

I’m teaching you about waiting on God. 

The kids were so excited about the gorilla. It had been so long since the guy in the gorilla suit had anybody affirm him. He kept getting louder and louder, and closer and closer. He saw this vine. He grabbed a hold of the vine and swung back and forth. He swung so high that he fell into the lion’s den.

Here comes the lion. The gorilla guy starts yelling, “Don’t eat me, don’t eat me.” The little children were surprised that the gorilla could talk. 

The lion comes up right next to the gorilla and says, “Shut up or we’re both going to lose our jobs.”

We’re all pretty much in the same situation in life. We’re waiting differently for different things, but the reality is, don’t think you’re the only person who is in a bad situation. 

The bad situation has come so that you will understand you don’t have a problem. You just have undiscovered resources that you will discover while you are waiting on the Lord.

You won’t have to wait forever. 

God is always on time. Create a partnership between your words and your faith. Change your words, wait on the Lord, and you can change the trajectory of your life.

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