Transition: It’s Harvest Time

I am in the real estate business. I found that you can change something about a piece of property, everything except its location. It’s the same thing with the church. Until you are located in Christ and you’re trying to get what you’ve already got, all you do is frustrate the grace of God. 

Your location is so important, so very important. Watch what happens in the Book of Ruth. Mahlon and Chilion were brothers. They were the sons of Elimelech of the tribe of Judah and his wife Naomi. They settled in the land of Moab and fell in love with two Moabite women. 

Elimelech means my God is King. Naomi means pleasant. Ruth means something to behold, something extraordinary. Orpah means empty skull. She was the wife of Chilion and daughter-in-law of Naomi.

Mahlon means sick and Chilion means pining. Moab means weak as water. The Moabites were the outcropping of the incestuous children of Lot and his daughters. 

They left the land of praise and bread because things aren’t going the way they think it should. There’s a famine going on because the wrong leadership is there.

They dwelt there for about 10 years. Ten is the number of completion.

When you read about numbers, ONE speaks of God, TWO speaks of witness, THREE speaks of Trinity, FOUR speaks of the world, FIVE speaks of grace, SIX speaks of man. SEVEN means perfection. EIGHT means new beginnings. NINE means fruitless. TEN means complete. 

They got married to these heathen women and then the men died.

After a while down there, Naomi changed her mind. She said, “Don’t call me Naomi. I’m not pleasant anymore. My name is Mara. I am a bitter old lady.”

Naomi said to the two daughters, “Now go and return. Why are you wanting to go with me? Are there any sons in my womb? I’ve been hurt. My husband left me. I’m a widowed woman.”

She goes into all of this explaining about what God can’t do. She explains He can’t give me any sons. He can’t do this. He can’t do that. She begins to testify against herself. She’s poor, pitiful me. 

If you’ve got a spirit of the woe is me, nobody knows the troubles I see, I’m telling you nobody really cares. 

There has to be something in you that causes you to press forward. 

God’s not fair, He’s just. There’s a big difference.

If you want to move into a third dimension, you better get your mouth right. Stop complaining and accusing God of not treating you right.

Understand that there are casualties in your life. Don’t waste your sorrow. It becomes fertilizer. If you throw it on everybody that passes by, it is not going to make you popular. If you’re down in the valley, you don’t have to take everybody in town with you.

This is what takes place. They all say we’re going with you. Orpah is going and Ruth is going. Then she says, you need to stay. Orpah agreed and went back home to her heathen gods.

God was visiting His people by giving them bread, which speaks of the Word of God, which speaks of the milk, the meat, the bread, and the honey.

Milk, meat, and bread speak of your union and communion with God. That’s what we throw upon the waters. That people see your intimacy with God, and they’re drawn into the fire of his love, by your countenance, your conduct, and your conversation.

It’s good to eat the bread and then the honey. Honey is revelation. 

Honey is a food that’s without bacteria and it doesn’t have to be digested. It becomes instant energy. 

Naomi, known as Mara, Miss Bitter, knows what needs to be done. She is actually the one that is in line for the inheritance. She says to Ruth, “This is what I want you to do. Go and glean in Boaz’s field.”

The mother-in-law sends Ruth out. The next thing you know Boaz is drawn to her. He gives her favor and grace. He says, “Hello there, fair damsel. Don’t go to another field to glean. I’ll give you water, I’ll wash you with the Word of God, I’ll provide for you. I’ll keep the young men from bothering you. Come in the house when you want a bite to eat.”

He falls in love with her, and she brings dinner home. She’s taking care of her mother-in-law. She’s got everything.

It’s harvest time.

Do you know that when you take tares and wheat and you grow them side-by-side, the scripture says don’t bother them?

He says in the end time, he says what we’re going to do, the angels, the apostolic unction will be able to come. They can tell the difference. It can happen because there’s discernment. 

If you try to pull that tare out from that stalk of corn, they look exactly alike except when maturity comes. When maturity comes, the head of the stalk of wheat bends and bows its head. That old wheat is straight up in the air.

The Lord says don’t worry about them growing together. You have the possessing and the professing, they’re just side-by-side. The Lord says you just keep loving and keep moving. He has got it all worked out.

Aren’t you glad He’s got it worked out? Aren’t you glad that’s not your job? Your job is to love and to serve and to activate, ratify, and prophecy. Keep a big old smile on your face all the time.

Every time you say I don’t have the money to do that. Every time you say I’m sick, I’m down, I’m oppressed, I’m lonely, and my kids are driving me crazy. I don’t like my husband anymore and this is happening that’s happening. God is listening.

If there are bad things going on it’s time for you to change your mind. Quit testifying against Jesus.

Don’t be a Naomi. Don’t get bitter. Don’t waste your sorrow. 

Remember that correction is never rejection.

It is the will of God that the prophetic voice of God heals the wounded body of Christ and that we walk under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. 

Leap for joy. Everything is lifted up. Lift up your hands, lift up your voice, lift up your heart. It never says cast down. Down is the wrong direction. You’ve got to understand direction is very important.

When you begin to understand you’re doing business with God, you’ll never outgive Him. Whatever money that you’re spending, whatever time, talent, treasure, whatever you’re doing, as long as you’re putting His Word out there, He will strengthen you, and He will empower you. He’ll put a smile on your face when nobody understands why you’re smiling because you’re up to something. 

The principle of restoration in your life and mine is when God restores. He makes it better than it was originally. He doesn’t just patch it up. He makes it better than new. 

There is a scripture that says there are those that have the appointment with death, and it shall be broken. There is a generation that will not die. There is a generation that will stand in the stead of Christ.

There’s a glorious church that’s going to be revealed. I am a part of a glorious church. That is my profession. That is my declaration. I choose to agree with God. I read it in the Word. I mean it seems absurd. You think how in the world is God going to do this? Because God is sovereign, because God is great, because God is almighty. Behold, He does a new thing, something you’ve never seen before.

Sometimes it takes us to do something we’ve never done before. Move. Make a transition.

The angels, who are ministering spirits, are sent forth from God to help us. The heirs of salvation are watching you, your countenance, your conduct, and conversation, reporting to God.

God is saying, “I’m looking for a companion of like nature and ability to rule and reign now and throughout eternity.” 

It’s being worked out in the earth, in this earth. We are seeing the witness of the spirit. Behold, we do a new thing.

You’ve got to watch it. Whatsoever things you desire when you pray if you believe and not doubt, you can have what you say, not what you pray. 

What are you going to do? You’re going to trust God. 

God is a God of impossible things.

You need to kick it up a gear. It’s time for transition. It’s time for change. The things that you do and the things that you say will be so obvious of God. No flesh can glory. 

Jesus paid a price that He did not owe. We owed a price we could not pay. 

God sees all your trials. He will restore and make it better than it ever was before.

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