The Winning Team

I want to talk to you about the Word of God. It says that you always win, all the time. I’m going to show you some things that will release incredible faith, power, and authority.

God has got some wonderful things that he wants to do in and through your life in a marvelous and wonderful way.

Remember this scripture, 2 Corinthians 2:14, “Thanks be to God who always causes me to triumph.” Isn’t that an amazing promise?

Years ago, the Lord had spoken to my heart about doing a seminar with 27 speakers in Houston, Texas. This big plan required a big budget.

My instructions from God were to rent all the rooms at the beautiful Double Tree Hotel. Even though I didn’t have the money to cover the expenses at that time, I knew faith come by hearing and hearing the Word of God. I obeyed the word that was in my heart.

God will speak to you about the things that are important to you. How do you know the voice of God?

The Lord is going to speak to you right in line with the things that he’s created you for, the gifts, the talents, and the abilities. He’s going to call you to do the things that you are passionate about.

I’m passionate about sharing the gospel and the good news and seeing people healed and delivered.

What did I do? I went off to Houston, rented those hotel rooms, and signed the contract, which secured everything.

When it came time for the conference, the budget was already up to over $80,000, which I did not have at that particular time. Remember this. I did not have that amount. I did not have anything. I think I had $2,000 as far as actual money. There I was with 27 people invited to speak, a host of musicians, and people with banners.

God is big. If you’re going to do something for him, you need to believe

when he says, “I have caused you to triumph. I have caused you to win.”

I went in saying, “I’ve got this thing. I know I do.” When I got there the manager called me in. He said, “Dr. Fluitt, we have a problem. We have booked Mr. George Bush, who is running for president. He will announce his candidacy today. We have given him the rooms that you’re in. You will have to release those rooms.”

I said, “Sir, you’ve got a problem. I have a contract.” I began to do business in a different way. I said, “If I release some of these rooms to you and readjust my schedule, then you have to give me the main room.”

Keep in mind that the main room was $5,000 a night, and we were going to be there for three nights. I continued on and said, “You have to reduce my room rate and you have to reduce the meals.”

They agreed. The new terms allowed me to cover at least half my budget. It was incredible. Oh, how I thanked the Lord. God loves to stretch you and keep you focused. Where focus goes, the anointing flows.

When we got there, people were having a wonderful time. You could feel the presence of God. He was moving.

We got so caught up on what God was doing that we forgot to take an offering. The night before the last session, we got to worship with Bishop Roderick Tay, a wonderful man from Singapore.

When Bishop Tay was worshipping God, he would lift his hands. A spirit of giving filled that room. Generosity hit the place. Everybody ran to give. They gave watches, rings, bibles, books, and shoes. One person gave a girdle. Talk about giving it all.

When you’re in that desire, where God puts a spirit of giving on you, you say, “I am going to release the very best that I have, all that I’ve got.” Even if that’s your girdle.

I entered into a state of thanksgiving, thanking God that the budget was met and for that room and all who came. Gratitude filled me seeing all God was doing and that he chose me for that assignment.

The next thing that happened was a young man was standing in the back of the room with a jacket. He folded up his jacket.

The Lord said, “If that man puts his jacket in the offering, Honey, the whole thing belongs to him.”

“You’re just testing me, right Lord? You didn’t bring me this far to let me fall.”

I hear him say, “Strengthen yourself with the Word of God.” Thanks be to God. He always causes me to triumph.

Sure enough, the young man comes up, stands in front of the basket, and he laid down his jacket like he had baby Jesus in his arms. I knew I had to stop right away. Incredible things were about to take place.

I invited him up. I said, “Sir, the Lord spoke to me that everything in this offering belongs to you if you put your jacket in there.”

He didn’t know what to think about that. He was from Gabon, Africa. He was there as an exchange student and had wandered into the meeting.

“Have you ever heard of the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in a language that nobody taught you about the power of God?” I asked him.

He said, “No, Ma’am.”

I said, “Do you want that?”

He agreed and I prayed for him. The power of God came upon him, and he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. He began to speak in a new language. It was grand. I instructed the ushers to gather up the offering and give it all to him.

I thought, “Lord, what are we going to do? Everybody has given everything.”

When you think that all the ways of providing for you have been given and there’s nothing left to give, God will surprise you.

God is a God of mercy. He’s going to cause you to triumph. He’s going to cause you to win when you cast your cares upon him.

That young man took the offering. I never heard from him again. I went to Louisiana where I live, and he went to Africa where he lives. About 10 years went by, and a dear friend of mine, a great prophetess, was in Gabon doing a series of meetings. The story she told me was amazing.

The man leading the meeting in Gabon said he wanted to start by showing a video that he obtained when he got baptized in the Holy Spirit. He said, “I was in America, and this is my spiritual mama. I don’t know where she is. I don’t know how to contact her or anything, but she started this ministry.”

God raised that man as a great apostle in that area with many churches. He had taken that money given to him from that offering, brought it to Gabon, and God used him in an incredible, wonderful way.

My Prophetess friend said to him, “That’s my good friend, Dr. Clarice Fluitt.”

He said, “You know my mama?” She gave him my phone number. My phone rang around 2:00 in the morning. When I answered, I heard this wonderful voice saying, “Mama, Mama.” We made a great connection, and wonderful things happened.

The night after that offering came, Bishop Roderick Tay, who’s now with the Lord, he began to worship. The full amount came in. Thanks be to God.

God is a God of infinite resources. He always causes us to win. Be faithful with God and follow him as he begins to speak. God does talk to us. The promise is, “My sheep know my voice, and the voice of another they’ll not heed.”

Enter into thanksgiving. Listen to God’s voice and experience the joy of the Lord and all the wonderful blessings he has for you. You’re on a winning team, Team God.

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  1. Sellina Omollo

    Praise the Lord, who always causes me to triumph! Love from Nairobi, Kenya

  2. REBECCA Hemingway-Yager

    Wow and Wow! God is good. You, Dr. Fluitt have such an anointing. Thank you for listening to God. Thank you for sharing what HE says to all those who read, and hear your God filled words. I love you in Jesus.

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