The Ugliest Tree Was Eyeballing Me

Here I am in this cabin in the woods, and I’m absolutely miserable. I was in this situation where the Lord told me, “Sell everything you have, give to the poor and come and follow me.” My husband and I did that. We sold everything. We gave everything away and we moved with our children.

Imagine what the neighbors were saying when we moved out of our beautiful home. You would love for people to say, “There go the people that are trusting God.” Instead, people often say, “There go those crazy people. They met the Lord, and they went nuts!”

In the times that are harsh, in the times that are hard in your life, stand on the infallible, inerrant word of God. Your hope has to be in God. It’s not always easy, but it’s necessary. Take the knowledge that you have and submit it to God. You cannot do what you do not know. God gives you experiences, and you begin to walk in that. He will give you the wisdom to win.

Yes, there will be days you will fall apart. I cried out to God in the woods saying, “I just don’t understand. What’s going on?” I fell into complaining.

One cold February day, I was alone in the cabin. Right outside the front door was the ugliest tree you had ever seen. When I opened the door, the tree was eyeballing me. It looked like it had eyeballs. I hated that tree. I hated everything. I hated the wilderness.

Sitting there in that dank, cold kitchen feeling sorry for myself, I felt something tap me on the shoulder. It was so real, and I was terrified to turn around and look. I heard an audible voice that said, “Go to the door and knock.”

I knocked on the door and the door opened. I saw the ugly tree staring at me. In that very moment, I was swept away and brought into the presence of God. I was taken to heaven!

I fell on my face and repented for complaining. I asked for mercy. The Holy Spirit would say, “Get up and tell him what you want.” After going through all the religious responses of thanking him and praising him, I cried out and said, “I want to marry your son. I want to be Mrs. Jesus Christ!” I heard the angels singing and they said, “Let it be said and let it be done.”

Next thing I know, I was back in my kitchen wondering what just happened? And once again, the spirit of the Lord spoke and he said, “Go to the door.” I opened the door and

I looked at the tree. The tree was beautiful! I fell in love with the tree! I was a tree hugger. I ran outside into the woods wearing a dirty housecoat crying, “Ishi, Ishi,” I didn’t know what that meant.

I thought I lost my mind or had cabin fever. Our natural mind immediately wants to fight anything truly spiritual. I knew something had energized me in the midst of my depression.

When I was back in the cabin, I asked God to confirm the experience I had in his word. I opened the Bible to Hosea 2:14, 16, and read, “…in that day I will allure her and draw her into the wilderness. In that day no longer will you call me, My Lord, but you will call me Ishi.” He was talking to me!

When you feel like you can’t take it anymore, let Father put his arms around you and take you on a journey of faith. Be of good cheer while you’re going through, because how you respond to your challenge will determine how long you walk in it.

Those of us who call upon the name of the Messiah become a companion of like nature and ability. I want you to know that regardless of how sorrowful the experiences are that you’ve had, make a choice to say, “I am giving up all of this negativity, and I choose to embrace God.”

God is so good. He loves you so much. He desires to be real to you. It’s not something superficial or religious. Going through hard times is tough, but on the other side, there is joy unspeakable that’s full of glory.

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  1. Dianna Mcwhorter

    Powerful words! Honest and refreshing. Scripture is amazing.

  2. Lorraine Blum

    God bless you! I love you and your heartfelt ministry. You were so courageous during that trial and testing!
    I am inspired once again reading about it now. May the Lord multiply His riches unto you for these days we are experiencing!
    Pastor Lorraine

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