Resurrection Life: Get Busy Living Not Merely Existing

Resurrection, Revelation, and Application. See how you can live a resurrection life. You are alive but are you living life to the fullest? Spring to life now. Live full and die empty. It’s not too late for a new beginning. God wants to do incredible things in your life. God’s Living Word does not only inform you but transforms you. Jesus’ death and resurrection gave us the gift of eternal life with Him but also of an abundant life here and now. God wants you to receive your healing. God wants you to prosper. Revelation and application of God’s Word will produce wonderful and marvelous things in you and for you.

Powerful Possessions

Powerful Possessions

What do you see as the most powerful thing you possess?  Wisdom is powerful and affords us good sound judgment and the weighing of all sides of a matter before decisions are made.  Some see knowledge and the ability to see truth clearly as their most powerful possession.  While many think that nothing can be accomplished without money, others say that their best accomplishments were fulfilled and greatest life lessons were learned when they had no money and consequently see financial resources as their most powerful possession.  Some say integrity is their most powerful possession, while others say discretion is … Continue Reading

Analysis Paralysis

analysis paralysis

I have realized that you can analyze a situation until you become paralyzed and unable to accomplish your goals. Sometimes, forward progress requires us to re-invent ourselves in order to find out where we might be out of balance.  The decision-making process requires a balance of wisdom as well as action. Are you out of balance and paralyzed, or close to it?  What steps can you take to prevent analysis paralysis in your own life?