Communicating With Yourself

Take it one step at a time

What will you do to achieve your goal?  If you want to change your life remember to pay attention to the words that you are saying about yourself.  These words can change the way you feel.  If you feel like a loser, you will act like one.  If you feel like a winner and tell yourself you can do whatever your desire is; if you make no excuses when something looks hard and challenging, take it one step at a time.  If you fall off the horse, get up and get back on it.

A Wake Up Call

A Wake Up Call

When I wake up in the morning I find that the first thing I have to do is make a decision as to which one of me is going to get up and face the day; the positive me, or the negative me?  I have to choose.  We are a people making choices with our voices. Life draws life, so decide today that all the things around you are going to be positive.  You choose positive things and bring them to you through the way that you think, speak, and act; thoughts, words, and deeds.  Those things are very, very … Continue Reading

Empower Yourself

empower yourself

I recently did a 21-day purification where you could only eat salad and everything had to be organic.  I thought I would die eating nothing but salad and got to the point where I did not want to take another bite of it; but, I made it through.  The amazing thing was that I felt so much better.  I decided this was going to be my lifestyle until brain got into it and convinced me it would be too hard and too confusing to do.   My brain told me I would have to be too disciplined to do this and … Continue Reading