Teachable Moments: Opportunity


The amazing benefits of taking advantage of opportunities is that it allows you to realize your full potential.  When you realize that new opportunities are knocking, you must not allow the fear of taking a risk to stop you.  When you are open to receiving the opportunities around you, determine what steps you need to take to get started, and put your plan in writing. How do you feel about your ability to succeed with new opportunities?

Pursuing Opportunity

Pursue opportunity

Many people think opportunity is going to come to them.  No, opportunity is not going to come to them.  You have to go out and seek it with a positive mindset looking not just for an avenue of revenue or something to put your shoulder to, but rather with a passion that raises up inside of you.  Your next step is to begin to investigate.  You cannot be set back because somebody said no, or you failed at this, or something negative took place.  Get yourself in a position where you are saying to yourself, “This is something I am … Continue Reading