Resurrection Life: Get Busy Living Not Merely Existing

Resurrection, Revelation, and Application. See how you can live a resurrection life. You are alive but are you living life to the fullest? Spring to life now. Live full and die empty. It’s not too late for a new beginning. God wants to do incredible things in your life. God’s Living Word does not only inform you but transforms you. Jesus’ death and resurrection gave us the gift of eternal life with Him but also of an abundant life here and now. God wants you to receive your healing. God wants you to prosper. Revelation and application of God’s Word will produce wonderful and marvelous things in you and for you.

Finding Pleasure in the Simple Things of Life


One of the great joys in my life is my little dog, Miss Money.  I have learned amazing truth from her.  She can’t do tricks or any great feats to brag on; but, she loves me and, to be in my presence is her greatest delight.  In return, I totally provide for her every need. One of my favorite scriptures is, “In your presence, Lord, there is fullness of joy.” God shows us eternal truth in the most simple ways.  What simple things has He used in your own life to bring you pleasure?

Created to Make a Difference

Ridiculous Miracles

Ridiculous Miracles was a book I wrote that will build your faith, enabling you to reach out to other people and bring an increase in the anointing, in love, and in the release of joy.  Let’s change this world with a positive attitude.  Let’s change this world with love and begin to say, “You know what? There’s more to me than what you might see.  I may just look like an ordinary person, but there is something extraordinary in me and I am increasing in love, word, power, and actions.”