Committed to Action

Committed to action

I love two things:  I love individuals who are committed to an action plan.  The second thing I love is the individual who recognizes that the plan isn’t working and has no difficulty detaching from what doesn’t work and starting something completely different.  Yes, it is important to have an action plan. It is important to giving your plan time to be tested.  But it is just as important to be open to making adjustments whenever they are needed rather than holding on to time, energy, and resource wasters.  If you want the outcome of your action plan to produce … Continue Reading

Plan Your Work, Then Work Your Plan

plan your work

The true goal of a successful dreamer is to leave a legacy of something that will make someone else’s life easier or better.  In the leaving of a legacy, is the planning of the dreamer.  The plan, the representation of the dream, includes methods, strategies, goals, and timelines.  Once you have developed your plan, take the action steps necessary to work out and walk out your plan.  Review it consistently, adjust it when necessary, update and upgrade it faithfully, and commit to it full time. What does your plan look like?

Find, Focus, and Activate

find focus activate

I have learned that, without a vision for our life, we will just gradually perish; and, without a progressive vision that is goal oriented, we become bored, careless, and without purpose.  Decide to let your goals lead you to the fulfillment of your life’s vision by applying and fully engaging your time, talent, and treasure. Have you found your vision?  Are you focused on it?  What goals have you put in place to activate it?

The Right Equipment

The Right Equipment

Getting the right tools in coaches, mentors, books, and other information goes along with unlocking what is blocking our progress.  We get these great motives for change but often fail to follow through.  We make changes for the moment but lose sight of what is blocking us from going to the next level.  I believe that what might be missing is the practical understanding of our human psychology.  The people speaking into our lives need to be those who celebrate you and do not contribute to a limited way of thinking. Find someone effective who can help measure your progress, … Continue Reading