Teachable Moments: Focused Dreamers

Do you have a written plan to move your dream forward?

Focused dreamers become successful people that have the passion, the innovation, and the initiative to reach the levels of success they have envisioned and dreamed. Write your plan. Understand who you are, where you are going, and how you will get to your destination. Plan your work, then work your plan. Do you have a written plan to move your dream forward?

Not to Decide is a Decision

Not to decide is a decision

The achieving of dreams is a process.  Without the active pursuit of the process people often end up setting their dreams aside, sweeping them under the rug, and pretending that they never existed in the first place.  Not decide, is a decision. Have you ever encountered experiences or obstacles that made you want to give up your pursuit of a dream, and what steps can you take to rekindle that fire?

The Right Equipment

The Right Equipment

Getting the right tools in coaches, mentors, books, and other information goes along with unlocking what is blocking our progress.  We get these great motives for change but often fail to follow through.  We make changes for the moment but lose sight of what is blocking us from going to the next level.  I believe that what might be missing is the practical understanding of our human psychology.  The people speaking into our lives need to be those who celebrate you and do not contribute to a limited way of thinking. Find someone effective who can help measure your progress, … Continue Reading