You Don’t Have a Past, You Have a Purpose

You Don't Have a Past, You Have a Purpose

God describes the church as his bride. We are the church. God has an ultimate purpose for you. Purpose and destiny are two different things. We were created to make God happy. Discover what salvation really means. Learn how to speak life and agree with the Word of God. I talk about why you need to stop confessing negative words and opinions. Words have power. Living in the past will delay your purpose. Your past has been forgotten by God. You need to let it die. You are a new creature in Christ. He lives in you. Walk in His power.

A Delay is Not a Denial

A delay is not a denial

It happens to all of us.  We either silently ask in our hearts and minds for something, or we voice a want into the atmosphere, and wait with great expectation for it to appear or happen.  The days turn into weeks, turn into months, turn into years; you get the picture.  We lose hope.  We lost interest.  We lose touch with it completely.  Suddenly, on the horizon, it reappears; resurfaces.  It is then that we realize the delay was never a denial.  The delay was simply the school of life to prepare the foundation and all the essentials to accommodate … Continue Reading