Transition: It’s Harvest Time

transition, harvest

One thing that doesn’t change in real estate is location, location, location. Your location is important. The Book of Ruth talks about different lands and names and what they mean. Would you want to live in a place called Weak as Water? Naomi changed her name to Mara when she became bitter and full of sorrow. Don’t stay in a place of woe is me. Transition into a place of praise, the land of plenty. Trust God. You have His favor like Ruth found favor with Boaz. It will all work out. You will reap an abundant harvest.

Committed to Action

Committed to action

I love two things:  I love individuals who are committed to an action plan.  The second thing I love is the individual who recognizes that the plan isn’t working and has no difficulty detaching from what doesn’t work and starting something completely different.  Yes, it is important to have an action plan. It is important to giving your plan time to be tested.  But it is just as important to be open to making adjustments whenever they are needed rather than holding on to time, energy, and resource wasters.  If you want the outcome of your action plan to produce … Continue Reading

Not to Decide is a Decision

Not to decide is a decision

The achieving of dreams is a process.  Without the active pursuit of the process people often end up setting their dreams aside, sweeping them under the rug, and pretending that they never existed in the first place.  Not decide, is a decision. Have you ever encountered experiences or obstacles that made you want to give up your pursuit of a dream, and what steps can you take to rekindle that fire?

New Beginnings

New beginnings -

Opportunities are all around in the areas of finances, relationships, attitudes, health, well-being encouraging you to come to the place of recognizing your own potential.  I believe there are those of you reading this today that may be thinking you need to take a course on new beginnings. You need to clean out your mental closet.  I have found that you can make all kinds of decisions but that does not mean anything actually transpired from the thought.  It doesn’t necessarily mean you got your closet cleaned out just because you made a decision. I want to encourage you to … Continue Reading

Stops and Starts

Stops and Starts

With every clear and compelling vision that you have, make a plan and develop a strategy that will fit in with it.  If, for instance, your goal is to lose 20 pounds, or take a Bible class, or get a life coach, whatever your goal is, write it down.  It must be compelling to you.  Sometimes we have to get some help with these things.  I recently had to change my diet.  Initially, I found it to be a stop and start, and stop and start pattern.  I found that I needed encouragement along the way and a strategy which … Continue Reading

Taking Action

Taking Action

Start something simple.  Focus on cleaning out your closet, or the garage, or any other task that you have been putting off.  Move in that direction.  Start something.  Decide what you want to achieve and begin to tell yourself that you can do it.  When you change your life, the words that you are repeating to yourself can change the way you feel.  When you believe that something is going to produce great pleasure, you can tell yourself that, for the joy that is set before you, the trial is not to be considered.