How the Tapestry of God is Woven Into You

Tapestry of God

Dr. Clarice tells about visiting an art studio and how tapestries are woven together. Like a tapestry, we are the canvas and God is the artist. The Lord works like a tapestry in our life. He weaves people, circumstances, and situations in and out of our lives. It’s not always obvious how the Spirit of the Lord is leading us. Read about a woman who was rescued when she went looking for her puppy. Love binds everything and everyone together in perfect harmony. Read the whole story here…

Beyond Circumstance

Beyond Circumstance -

Often times we say that we believe all things are possible, but our circumstances want to fight with our covenant.  We may experience being oppressed, suppressed, repressed, depressed, or possessed but the Word of God says that, because we are believers we are the healed, the delivered, and the prosperous.  We have the difference between truth and fact.  The truth is always the Word of God, and the testing and trying of our faith makes God happy.  We were created for God’s pleasure.