Perception is Powerful

perception is powerful

Good friends of mine tell the story of being somewhat upset with each other (they called it having intense fellowship) before going grocery shopping.  After they had purchased their groceries, driven home, and were unloading their car, the wife asked, “Did you get the artichoke?”  Her husband’s reply was, “Why would you want me to choke?  You ought to choke, too!”    The wife replied, “No!  I didn’t tell you to choke.  I asked you if you remembered to get the artichoke!” After realizing their perception of each other was wrong, they both had a good laugh and reconciled. It all … Continue Reading

Communicating With Yourself

Take it one step at a time

What will you do to achieve your goal?  If you want to change your life remember to pay attention to the words that you are saying about yourself.  These words can change the way you feel.  If you feel like a loser, you will act like one.  If you feel like a winner and tell yourself you can do whatever your desire is; if you make no excuses when something looks hard and challenging, take it one step at a time.  If you fall off the horse, get up and get back on it.