Behold, I Do A New Thing: Time is Our Servant

There was a woman named Jenny Lou who called me out of the blue. No matter how many times she couldn’t get through, she continued to pursue. When she had me on the line, she told me how bad it was in her home. I came up with some peculiar things for her to do. She kept asking if it was scriptural. I told her yes, it’s under, “Behold, I Do A New Thing.” Her faith was that of the woman who touched the garment of God. Don’t limit yourself. Make time to pursue all that God has for you.

Teachable Moments: Identity

Teachable Moments- Identity

Most people are faced with some kind of an “identity crisis” in their life.  A negative attitude can take root in a person’s life if they do not have knowledge of their purpose and identity. Identity crises can arise because when people have not made a decision about who they truly are. They think that who they are personally is what they do professionally.  Our line of work is not who we are.  You are a unique individual capable of accomplishing amazing things! You work with a variety of people in your life, but individually, you should know who you … Continue Reading

Teachable Moments: Good Investments

good investments

One of the greatest gifts in life is to find the individuals that teach and instruct us on how to bring out the best in our lives.  These people discovered that successful individuals have developed certain traits and positive habits to emulate. Once this discovery is made, you can model their successful behaviors. The key is EMULATION, not imitation. What attitude and traits do others exhibit that produce the results you want for yourself?



Today, I’d like to give you words of encouragement.  Regardless of the situation that you are confronted with, you can win.  I have heard it said that there are overcomers in this world.  I found out that you have to overcome, before you come over, to another expression of love, life, faith, joy, and peace.  The circumstances are an invitation saying you cannot stay where you are and think you are embracing change.  Maintain an attitude toward embracing change where you see yourself as an overcomer, tell yourself that you can win, and consider your circumstances as an invitation to … Continue Reading