Rivers of Life Released Over You

On your behalf, I intercede. Whatever situation that is coming into your home, your heart, your life, we are setting our faith in agreement with the infallible, inerrant, and awesome Word of God.

We know the power of prayer. Prayer is simply conversation with God in a language that He speaks.

The language that God speaks is His Word and His love.

When we pray problems, we are creating problems. We have to learn what the answer is so that we can pray the answer, so that God has something to watch over, to perform.

The scriptures teach that angels listen, and they hear the Word of God. When they hear the Word of God coming out of the believer, they hearken.

“Oh, I hear God coming out of the dwelling place of God.”

I need healing in my body. I need healing in my finances. I need healing in my relationships. I need healing. I need peace. I need joy. I need to know the purposes of God for my life.

These are the things that I desire to be able to release like a river of life and to release those things to you.

The giving of a gift is indeed an option, but the receiving becomes imperative. Again and again, I encourage people, if you want the benefit, you’re going to have to embrace the procedure.

We can’t just wish and say, “I hope that happens.” No, you have to activate it.

I call this a map, a massive action plan. When you hear something that you have made a decision. A decision is not a conversion, but you make the decision so that the conversion can begin through actions.

As I release these words, don’t take them as just information.

Understand that I have come as a gift from God to be one that would release love and power to you. Are you ready?

Out of my belly will flow rivers of life because I’m not a blushing bride, I’m a consummate wife.

I am a companion of like nature and ability chosen by God to stand in this place. I am an administrator of mercy and grace, his power, his authority, and his name. He has come together and now I’m inflamed.

I stand in his stead and praise his name because I have believed we really are the same. By faith in the work and the Word of the Lord, I have chosen to believe and to get my faith in one accord.

As his agent standing in this land, I open my mouth, not a request, but a command. I command thee blessings of God in this earth. I release the power of a holy new birth.

Revelation knowledge in this holy time, don’t you understand God is calling you to be divine. 

Oh church, of the living God, you’re no longer just a little lump of sod. You’ve always been, and you always will be, who in this world will begin to agree? Agree with the Word, the Word of Truth, open your mouth, and turn unbelief loose.

I prophesy to you, I decree loud and clear that there is a potential that out of you God can appear in your countenance, your conduct, and conversation too. Believe me, the Word of God, it’s awesome, it’s powerful, and it really is true.

There is healing available. There is deliverance there. God says all you’ve got to do is believe and begin to declare.

Set your affections, indeed, on things which are above and begin to say, “I am a candidate for the Father’s great love.”

These words that I speak are sponsored by the king; don’t you understand he wants to do a new thing?

He has invaded my life so I can speak unto you and begin to say, “This day can begin, it can be so new.”

Believing in God for your children, your life, your country, all kinds of things, begin to say, 

“I’m not going to complain and strain anymore. I hear God knocking. I think he’s at my door!”

“I must arise and open and invite him in. In the living waters, I’m not going to swim; I’m going to walk on the water of the infallible word and move by faith on the things that I’ve heard.”

Beloved, let these words just go down into the soil of your soul. Let God begin to take that foul-a-gram, that area that has not been consecrated and dedicated. Let him break it up with the praises of the king.

Amen! Let these words that I prayed over you ring true and bless you greatly.

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  1. Veronica Johnson


  2. LaDell Dudley

    Oh my I needed this! I decreed it over myself and my family neighborhood and region onto USA and nations! I love ? this powerful two edged sword cutting out any doubt unbelief. I so honor respect your ministry Dr. Clarice Fluitt

  3. Sylvi Pieters

    Amen and Amen

  4. Laurel Durham

    I love and receive this beautiful and powerful word! It was much needed! Thank you, Dr. Clarice for your ear to hear and a heart to obey! ❤️

    Laurel Durham

  5. Regina MacIntyre


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