Receive This Portion of Prayer

May I pray with you? 

I open my heart and say… 

Lord God, thank you for your Word. Gracious God and Father, I thank you for today. Thank you for the impartation that has shaken an awakening. 

We thank you, Lord. There’s a new generation that is awakening to their destiny. That they would create it to worship. 

Father, in the name of Jesus, where there is a need for healing, deliverance, financing, wherever there are needs, My God, I thank you and we come before you.

We do not want to continue to be a people that are need-oriented, man-centered, and entertainment-based. Dear God, we’re a bunch of praisers.

According to Corinthians, “What we bow before is what we become like.” I want to bow before God and his nature and his character and his countenance. And all of the good things of God will be informed and transform our lives. 

Father, we thank you today. We pray for those men and women in positions of leadership and authority throughout the face of the Earth. Lord, we bind Satan and tell him, according to the Word of God, he is a defeated foe. 

Father God, I thank you that we stand in the stead of Christ to execute the judgments of God that have already been written. I thank you, Lord God, that you hear us when we pray because we pray in the name of Jesus. 

We thank you, Lord, for ridiculous faith. 

We thank you, Lord, that we are responsible. We have the ability to respond to the Word of God, to take the Word of God and act upon it, though it may seem foolish. 

Lord Jesus, you picked up dirt, spit into it, and wiped it on somebody’s eyes. We’re not going to start the first spit church, but Lord, what we’re going to do is say whatever you say, where you lead, I’ll follow, and what you feed, I’ll swallow. 

Lord God, let the faith, the supernatural faith that says, with God, all things are possible. 

I hear the voice of the Lord speak loud and clear out of you.

God says, “All people, all redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, I am God Almighty, the great I Am.” 

Put your faith in the word of truth. Take all the fear, dread, and doubt and say, “I turn it loose. I choose to agree with the Word.” 

Although it seems, to my carnal mind, some of this stuff is absolutely absurd, when we begin to see that Jesus told the man to go to the water and catch a fish and open its mouth. 

Then you will see. You will have enough money to pay your taxes. And then we’ll all be free.” 

Hear that God has said, “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons, cleanse lepers, preach the infallible.” What an awesome Word. 

Exercise your faith, it’s like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the more you move out of your comfort zone the stronger you will get. 

If you want the benefit, my love, there is a procedure. 

I activate with the word of faith that’s in me, such as God has given to me, I choose to impart it, to release it like a river, that the Word of God flows out of my mouth that goes to the east, the west, the north, and the south. 

The Word of God has the power to perform. In the spirit, I hear an incredible alarm. “Wake up, wake up my chosen ones. It’s time to arise. It’s not time to cry, it’s not time to sigh, it’s not to think I’m in a moment. I’m about to fly. 

The best is yet to come. God says revival, yes, that’s all in my mind. But I’m telling you, God’s saying it’s gold, it’s really true. It’s the divine nature of God in me and in you. 

This is the thing that God says, “If you want to know, I’m coming back again, it’s true. But I’m coming first in each of you. Before I come back, I’m going to come up for I’m the portion and you are my cup. And I’m filling you now with the divine mind of Christ. You’re not just a blushing bride, but a consummate wife created to stand in my holy place and be administrators of my mercy and my amazing grace.” 

God gave that to me to give it to you, to encourage you.

Share these truths, take them, and give them away. Every time you give the Word of God, it begins to multiply. 

What you sow is what you’ll reap. That means what you’re going to put out, that’s what you’re going to keep. 

Choose to agree with God from the top of our heads to the soles of our feet, that we’re not moaning and groaning. Say, “In Jesus Christ, we are complete.” 

You can make Jesus your savior today. It’s quick and simple. 

Say, “God, take me like I am. I cannot change. I cannot do the things that people tell me that I need to do.” God says, “I’m not calling you to do, I’m calling you to be.” 

Say, “Lord, I accept you. I confess to you that I choose to agree with your Word. Come into my heart and change me, make me your own.” 

God will lead you because God has a plan. 

People say negative things, “Oh, this is terrible weather and terrible things are going around.”

I want to encourage you. You have the ability to change the atmosphere. When you speak God’s Word, he begins to appear. 

Make a choice to be a voice that speaks love and life and truth. 

We love you so much. We want to hear from you and pray for you. Get my book Ridiculous Miracles. It will activate your faith.

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