Real ChangeIf you really want change, not just a rearrange, but real change in your life, you must begin to pay close attention to the words that you repeat to yourself.  You cannot continually tell yourself that you are getting old and forgetful, or that you can hardly get up and down.  Be careful of the words you repeat to yourself because you carry resurrection life and will draw to yourself whatever the words say.

Certain words can change the very way you feel and the way you give meaning to different things.  When you really get ready to bring change into your life, acknowledging what really matters to you is very important.  Anything in life that you really want is usually because you believe that it will make life better for you, and it is a good feeling.

We think about obtaining certain things in our walk with God.  When you feel good, you act differently.  When you go through physical or mental discomfort and relief comes, it creates a deeper appreciation.  Every act of gratitude refines your soul; your intellect, reason, and emotion.  The truth is that you can have a good feeling right away by changing these 3 things.  Get in charge of your emotions before emotions get you.

Emotion is created by a motion.  Whatever you are feeling is related to how you are using your body.  For example, if you are at your computer for a very long time, your arms hurt, your eyes are strained, and your body begins to get tired.  Your physical body needs to move, walk, and get some fresh air every now and then.  You feel better about things when you take care of your body.