Trust God: Put an End to the Drought in Your Life

When I was in South Africa, it was an awful time. People were being killed. I got a call from the king of the Xhosa tribe. The Xhosa tribe is the tribe that Mr. Mandela was a part of.

The King said, “We have heard of your message. If you will come to the Transkei and meet me, I will allow you to speak your good message to our people.” They had not received the Lord at that time as a tribe. Everybody said, “Don’t go! It’s a terrible thing that you could do. You’re the wrong color, you’re the wrong gender. Everything about you is wrong.”

It had not rained for months. On the drive there, I saw that the animals had no way to be fenced in. They took their little animals and tied their legs together; it’s called being hobbled. The crops had failed. The destruction and despair were devastating.

I thought, “What in the world? What a story I’m going to get to tell!” If you don’t take a chance and get out of the boat, nothing good is going to happen. If you stay in the boat where it’s safe, you’ll miss out.

It was customary to bring a gift befitting to the king. I had bought a beautiful, silver, expensive tray that I wrapped up for my gift to the king.

The palace looked like a compound. They had a fourteen-foot fence, Constantine wire, guards with machine guns, and dogs that looked like lions. It was well protected.

There were guns shooting and people crying, but I was excited that I was on a mission to tell the king that the Messiah has come, and the Christ of God is here.

Upon entrance into the palace, the king and queen were in the rotunda awaiting their gift. Uh oh, I had forgotten the gift. When you’re walking with God, He can bring you through all kinds of incredible things.

I walked in and acted like I knew what I was doing. God was going to fill my mouth; I had a word from God. He said, “When you come before the magistrates and the kings and leaders of the world, don’t worry about what you’re going to say. I’ll fill your mouth.” You have to choose to believe these things. You have to choose that God is in you doing incredible, wonderful things.

The king and queen were seated in beautiful chairs. It had been over four or five months since it had rained. I came before them and said, “Your Majesty, I am so honored that you’ve given me the opportunity to come and to share my faith with your beautiful people. I have brought you the most amazing gift.”

I didn’t have anything with me. Behold the tabernacle of God is with the redeemed. There’s a God inside of us that has all power and all authority. I said, “Your Majesty, I have traveled your land and am filled with compassion. I see that the crops have failed, the people are oppressed, and the animals are hobbled. I see the need for rain. I bring you the gift of rain!”

I clapped my hands and believed God could do it. It was 116 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, no rain in months, I said, “Rain!” The winds began immediately and the front door with the carvings of the great tribes of the Xhosa people, began to open up. It rained for seven days and nights.

The king was so impressed, he said, “You don’t need to say another thing, your God is God. God’s got divine connections.

There’s a God that lives in you. If you want those kinds of stories, you’ve got to leave what you know for what you don’t know.

Remember the story of Peter in the boat? When Jesus told him to get out of the boat and walk on water, everybody told him don’t get out, stop rocking the boat.

Do you know that there are those of you that have been created to rock the boat?

Another drought was happening when I was in Australia. During our boat ride to Sydney, a lady stated (after knowing why we were there), “We’re Roman Catholic and we would certainly appreciate if you would pray, because we’re experiencing terrible drought.” I said, “We’ll just put an end to the drought. We command it to begin to rain!” Within fifteen minutes, it began to rain.

You have a marvelous God that lives inside of you. He’ll teach you that you can talk to storms. I was coming through the panhandle of Florida, a hurricane had come in, tornadoes were around us, and the car was whipping around.

I spoke, “For every drop of water that falls on this car, I claim a soul for the kingdom of God. Where the enemy has meant evil, God has meant good.” It immediately stopped raining.

You and I have a marvelous God that lives within us and says, “I want you to have dominion. I want you to have power. I want you to have authority.” You have the ability, naturally and spiritually, to speak to storms. The hurricanes, the tornados, everything that’s going on, the spiritual ones, the physical ones, the natural ones, you have the ability to say, “Peace be still.”

Put an end to the drought that’s been in your life. The Bible says there are rivers. The voice of God is the voice of many waters. Rise up!

Did you know that the earth, before there was a curse, had the ability to water itself within? Every man and woman who has met God is beyond being cursed, the curse cannot come, and that the Word of God says that you are blessed, you are empowered to stand in the place of Christ. I am telling you there is more to you than what you see. You are a potential waiting to be developed.

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