Believe the word of the prophet.

The scripture says, “Believe the prophets and you will prosper.”

I come to you today with a prophetic voice.

I come speaking words of encouragement,

Words of enlightenment, words of revelation.

And if you will begin to apply them,

It’s like when we talk about the goodness of the Gospel.

This is a good pill. This is a Gos-pill.

You take it with living water.

Make it yours by the reason of use,

And you will see great, and wonderful, and marvelous things.

The Word of God works.

But you just have to apply it.

You just have to take it personal.

And then it’s an amazing thing that begins to take place.

I do want to extend great prayer for children right now.

All over the world right now I begin to release,

I call upon great and mighty angels,

The ministering spirits sent forth from God to aid us,

Who are the heirs of salvation

In Jesus Christ’s holy and wonderful name,

Woe, you great and might angels,

Respond to the word that’s awesome and true.

There’s nothing impossible for our God to do.

So, we pray for little children all over the earth.

We put an end to this terrible dearth.

We speak words of truth. We just turn them loose.

We’ve been created for the Master’s use.

You need to get ignited, excited, and delighted about this word,

Because God is saying you’re going to have to move on what you’ve heard

If you desire the benefit, the procedures right now.

All you’ve got to understand is Judah is praise, and praise is like a plow.

You begin to break up the fallow ground of the soul of man.

Don’t you understand?

Don’t you comprehend that Jesus Christ has paid the price for all kinds of sin,

Every evil thing that has ever been done.

And by His stripes, healing has been done. Healing has been won.

So, we begin to apply the blood of the Lamb of God,

That taketh away the sin, and the sickness, and the shame of the earth.

And we release into this atmosphere the revelation of this awesome new birth.

Praying for little children.

Oh, my God, my Lord, my King, we pray for these precious babies.

We do it right now with the word in our heart.

We say, oh my God, those that are oppressed and down,

Give them a fresh start.

Angels, Angels respond to this truth.

Go find those little babies and just set them loose.

Father, we thank you right now that we come in your name,

In the name of Jesus

In the name, in the name of the great Messiah.

And we say to you spirit of abortion,

We’ve come to abort you; evil thing.

You have come on the face of this earth.

You came bringing with pharaoh so long ago,

The destruction of the babies.

Oh Father, I see there’s always, always the path

that you have made for the escape of the anointed.

Lord, I thank you right now.

I thank you just as surely as Moses was put in a little basket,

And floated right into Egypt, and that he was preserved as a deliverer.

Father, I thank you that Jesus Christ just got up,

And left when the slaying of the innocents was coming,

And went right into Egypt.

Lord, I thank you that in this season and in this time,

That you’re bringing forth an army of men and women.

And the corporate body of Christ are going to come right out of this assignment,

For death, and destruction, and all kinds of wickedness,

And we’re going to float right into the Egyptian season.

And we’re going come forth as mighty men and women,

Deliverers to set captives free.

This is no ordinary thing that God would speak.

He said it is a season for you to know that in Christ,

You’re strong and not weak.

It’s time to make a decision and say, Here Am I.

Because great Jehovah God, he cannot lie.

He said if this is the time that you will agree,

That I have given you the power to set others free,

If you will understand and draw close,

Then I can fill you with the Holy Ghost

And give you the power to be released.

Don’t you understand?

I’ve created you to be kings that decree, declare, and proclaim,

And priests that will stand in my place bringing the people to God,

And God to the people in this day.

Hear the Word of God.

It’s the season to choose to obey.

Now the sickness that’s been upon the land,

Oh, Father God, this is not a request, but it is a command.

In the authority of the Holy One,

I stand and I release the Word of God.

Like a king and a priest.

Father, I thank you that this prophetic voice,

Has made a choice to agree with truth.

Father, this day we do decree, declare,

And proclaim that it is our faith.

That we believe the reason Jesus came was to

Set the world free and to turn things around,

And this is the season that those have been bound;

Those bound by drugs, and alcohol, and excuses in this day,

We come and say no more delay.

Angels, angels, the superior air power that has been given,

It is the time that we understand that his is why we’re living.

Such a time as this that we have been created to

Let the voice of God be released in the day.

Believe me, Beloved, you can begin to have what you say.

If you say you’re down, and you say you’re out,

And if you say you’re oppressed and you have no clout,

If you say you’re sick and you are oppressed,

And you’re giving all this understanding and comprehension to your flesh,

Then you can have what you say.

You can have it right away.

But if you begin to say I am who God says that I am,

I am redeemed from the curse of the sin of law and death,

And all these negative things,

Begin to agree with God.

Begin to say, Oh Father, in this time, in this hour, right away,

I choose to say the things that will make God happy.

Do you understand that you have the power to cause joy?

For God’s pleasure, we are created.

I read it in the book, I know it’s true.

I asked the Lord, “What makes you happy? Tell me right away.”

And this is what Jehovah God said to my heart.

This is what he had to say.

The one and only thing that pleases me is me.

Oh, now, that will upset religious traditions in the mind of man.

But you’ve got to understand that wonderful, wonderful plan,

When God says what it takes to please me is me.

So, God made a decision.

He talked with God. God met with God.

And God talked to God.

And this was what God said to God,

The only thing better than God,

Hmm, would be more of God.

So, now God’s infinite plan

Is when he formed and shaped an ordinary man,

That he would breathe His breath upon him,

And convert him into a Son of God.

Not just a piece of mud, just a little piece of sod.

You have to make a choice to agree with His truth.

You’ve got to tell that sinful,

Adamic nature, I have no use.

You have to be reckoned dead,

You old thing that came right away,

Because the Word of God says

I’ve got to believe what Yahweh has to say.

You hear this little rhyme that I’m giving loud and clear,

But the Word of God says that His desire is

That out from you He may appear.

The coming of Christ, we say, “Oh, He’s coming down.”

Don’t you understand the joy of the Lord that must be found?

He’s coming up and out of a people of worship and praise.

So, we will stand as saviors in these last days.

We will speak words. We will heal the sick.

We’ll do it real quick.

We’ll speak words of truth.

We’ll tell the devil, “You’ve got to get out of here.

You’re without an excuse.”

We’ll be able to speak things as a corporate man.

It is a time and a season.

You must learn it’s not a request, but it’s a command.

Men and women standing in this place,

Releasing revelation of God’s mercy and amazing grace.

It’s a choice that has to be made.

Do you desire to let His glory, His goodness be displayed?

This is the plan of God to conform you and me into his sons.

Don’t you know this is a marvelous thing when He says,

Every war has already been won.

From God’s perspective all things are finished and done and through,

And we’re seated in heavenly places,

Administrated amazing graces.

But while we wait for the fullness of his cup,

Then God says this is the season.

You’ve got to get up.

You’ve got to begin to shake off the dust and

Begin to trust that God says,

Listen, it is the time for you to agree that

God’s in love with you and me.

It’s the time that you say,

Lord, “Whatever you say, I simply say, yes.

And I’m no longer consulting with this servant called flesh.

These five professors that are proclaiming facts no longer,

No longer will I think I’m in lack.”

Father God, In Jesus’ Name, we release into the realm of the ever-present now.

Lord, we thank you for these mighty angelic beings

That are hearkening to perform the Word of God,

That we’re sending up vapor, God, and you’re sending down rain.

We’re sending up the Word of God again and again.

And as we send up this word we say,

“Angels of God, run right away. Heal the sick.

Touch the lives of men and women that are in terrible despair.

Father God, we do, we do indeed, we truly love, and we truly care.

So, we do the thing that only we know to do,

The thing that your Word says is awesome and true.”

Who will agree with God?

Who will simply just turn their faith

In the direction of the Holy One,

And begin to raise their hands and say,

“Oh, my Lord, every war has already been won.”

Now, from that place of rest,

That place of grace and mercy you must now begin to say,

“Father, we thank you that we are the healed, we are the delivered,

And we are the prosperous.”

I release this upon you.

I speak it into you from the top of your head to the soles of your feet,

The revelation, not just information,

That in Christ, you are complete.

Father, we thank you right now that as we have prayed these prayers,

As we have prophesied into the atmosphere,

We thank you that you are doing amazing things.

We have sent the word, and we have spoken to these angelic beings,

These ministering spirits sent forth from God to aid us,

Who are the heirs of salvation.

They’re going out, and they’re taking the word of truth.

Now in this time we’re without an excuse.

Every price has been paid.

Now, Lord, let your glory be displayed,

Let your people hear.

Let them be activated and ratified.

Let them come to the place that they say,

“I have been prophesied.

I have had the Word of God released to me.”

This is the day.

Believe you’re free.

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  1. Silvi Gallor

    Prayer request.
    Please, pray for a Jewish boy, 18, who is suffering from severe depression and bipolar disorder. He never leaves the home. Pray also for salvation for all the family, that they will meet the Jewish Messiah. Thank you.

  2. Kline Judith

    Amen! Thank you Jesus.

  3. Jackson Jennifer

    I Decree and Declare I receive it Now over my children,and grandchildren, and Me, and families In Name of Jesus Christ Amen!!

  4. Cynthia Roettger


  5. Cindy Hockman

    I receive the word in the name of Jesus amen, awesome word

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