I Have Heard Your Prayer: Keep Believing

There was a woman who had a little 13-year-old Chihuahua dog that she loved dearly. The dog had run away. 

We found her drunk in the house my daughter bought from us. She used the home for women who were in a rescue program. My daughter decided to move the residence to a new location.  The house was all packed up ready for the move.

The reason we found the distraught, drunk lady in the house was that she had lived there previously. She had moved away and had come to that house looking to see if anybody (her former roommate) could help her look for her little dog, Buttercup. 

It was the perfect timing of God that she was there, and I was there. 

There are circumstances and situations in your life when you’re waiting. You wonder when God is going to deliver you from the snare of the fowler. You wonder when healing will come. You wonder when financial victory will come. You wonder when will my children be delivered from drugs?

God says, “I’ve heard your prayer, I’ve arranged for a time and for a season. Keep believing.” 

In the Old Testament, when Daniel prayed, the Lord said the answer was on the way.

Daniel was detained by demonic forces that were holding the answer. He was persistent in believing.

You have to be persistent in your believing. Faith pleases God. 

That woman in the house poured her heart out to me. The anointing of the Spirit of the Lord came upon me to pray for her. 

We prayed. She was still drunk, but you know what? She started speaking in tongues. You know what? She was still drunk, but she was in the midst of changing brands. 

Lord, what in the world are you doing in this woman’s life? 

The power of the Holy Spirit is so real. It’s so wonderful. 

That woman’s mother had been praying for years and years and asked others to join in her prayers. I’m sure hundreds of other people were praying. 

Incredible things have happened. I’ve had the opportunity to see the answers to so many prayers. 

I’m aware that many people had been praying for this woman for many years. At that particular moment when I was with her in that house, God graced her with an incredible unction and anointing on her life. She was so happy. 

My husband, George, had been waiting in the car all this time. I took her out to meet him. She was so happy to meet him. She told George, “A terrible thing happened to me. My little dog is 13 years old, and she’s lost. She’s so little and she’s out on the street.” 

George says, “I’m going to pray for you.” We all joined together, and we prayed for Buttercup. George spoke to her prophetically and said, “God’s power is more than sufficient. We’re going to follow you home. We’re going to see to it that when you get home, I know in my heart God has shown me that little Buttercup is going to be there.” 

I thought, “Oh my goodness, George, don’t tell that woman that. She can’t be disappointed about her dog at this time.” 

But you know, he was walking on the water. He kept his eyes upon the Lord. When you’re walking on the water, when you’ve heard the invitation to leave everything you know for what you don’t know to walk in an area that you’ve not been comfortable with walking in before, when things look so lost and so hopeless and so negative, do you know that there’s a mighty God saying, “Hey, I found your puppy.” 

Does God care about a lost 13-year-old chihuahua? Do you think he really cares about that? He does. 

We followed her home and lo and behold, the next-door neighbor had found Buttercup and had her on a leash. Oh, my goodness, what a reunion. They were so happy and excited. 

We got together and everybody was embracing. It was an atmosphere of love and acceptance.

The woman still had the strong smell of alcohol on her, but you know what, a stronger one had come into her life. The power of the Holy Ghost had come to her. Things were beginning to change. The fact that God brought her dog back home says a lot.

She said, “It’s true, it’s true. This is a day of new beginnings.” 

The next day, I called her mother. Her mother said, “My daughter has already called me and told me what happened. I’m so happy about all of this.” We had the opportunity to say, “You know, good things come to those that wait.”

The mother said when her daughter called her the next day, she was sober and she said, “Mama, I not only found my dog, I found my mind.” 

Think about that. 

Let me pray for you. “Father God, in the authority of the name of Jesus I release into the atmosphere, miracles, miracles, miracles, Lord God. Prayers that we’ve even forgotten that we prayed about, come now. Lord, we pray for fresh oil, fresh anointing, fresh unction of the Spirit of God. Raise up everyone reading this that their hope will come back to them again. And they will believe with the Word of God that whatever I desire when I pray if I’ll believe and not doubt, I can have what I say. It’s not just what I pray, but what I say.”

I want you to know that God loves you so much. He desires for you to have faith to grow so that your prayers will be absolutely among those that are being answered at this time. 

God moves in great ways, and he moves in little ways because He is a God that is bringing to perfection everything that concerns you. 

For God is not a man that he would lie. 

The things that have disappointed you in this life, the frustrations, the limitations, these are seasons of extreme testing and trying of our faith. God says, “I am looking for those men and women who will choose to agree with God. I’m looking for those that will cast out worry, doubt, fear, apprehension, and disappointment.” 

Did you know that the Word of God says there’s no disappointment in Jesus? 

I believe that’s what causes disappointment, that we erroneously believe something other than God is going to be able to meet our needs. 

God says, “I’m going to show you the way.” 

Cast all your cares onto the Lord. He cares for you. He has all the power. He has all the authority. He is a good, grand, magnificent, and magnanimous God. 

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