Get Up, Speak Up, and Receive Your Divine Healing

If you believe that Jesus is the son of God, you are a candidate for divine health, not just healing every now and then, but you are a candidate. 

The word salvation means healed, delivered, and prosperous. The enemy does not want you to have all three of those. He does not want you to walk in divine health. He does not want you to walk debt-free. He does not want you to walk free of the deliverance of annoying demonic activities. 

You are a candidate for that. You can have it, according to the word of God, if you choose to believe that. 

I think about that Canaanite woman. Her daughter was demon-possessed. There was nothing she could do to bring relief or release to her. She found someone who could, and she stayed with it. Even though she had been denied. 

Many times, you may feel that you’ve been denied, but just press in. Learn the fine art of worship.

Don’t find fault. Do you know what a fault line is? It is a long crack in the surface of the earth where earthquakes usually occur.

When we begin to find fault and say, “This isn’t right. This didn’t happen the way it should have.” We complain and get bitter and frustrated. We think we can’t go on.

I have a friend who was in a car accident. For 22 years, she was in a wheelchair. Everybody in the world had prayed for her. She is a preacher’s wife. 

One day, 20 years after being in a wheelchair, the power of God hit this woman, and she came out of that wheelchair. She came out singing and shouting and jumping. She’s been doing that ever since. 

Why did it take so long? I don’t have the answer for the timings of God. I don’t want to have that. I do know that God is faithful. 

I believe that while we wait, how we wait is very important. 

Wait with expectancy, encouraging yourself, thanking God, praising Him, and blessing Him. 

Speak health to your body.  You will see some wonderful things happen. 

Speak wealth to your wallet. Command that wallet to get healed. I know one time I had to just take my checkbook out. I put it in the middle of the floor. I got a tambourine, and I danced around it. I said, “You’re not going to lie to me anymore. You are not going to be barren. You are wealthy.” 

I prophesied to my checkbook. I quit looking for the mailman. I quit looking for somebody else to do it. I began to call upon the name of the Lord because I was a candidate. 

I was a candidate, and then I had allergies. It was just terrible, but you know what? That was a demon. I got delivered from that. 

The Lord is your deliverer.

The mighty hand of God desires to deliver you. He will. Ask Him.

I want to pray for your healing, deliverance, and prosperity right now. Let’s do that right now. 

Gracious God, wonderful, mighty magnificent Father. I thank you right now; to the best of my ability I’ve encouraged, exhorted, edified, taught, and shared personal things from my own life and from these wonderful reports that people write and tell us what’s happening in their lives. 

We thank you for your answered prayer. Lord, there are those that need encouragement right now. They need their body touched by the power of the fire of God in whatever way that you want to do it. Send electricity, send fire, send an angel, or give it in a dream. Maybe it will be the laying on of hands, the anointing of the oil, or the taking communion. Those are all signs and symbols. There’s no power in them as such but acts of obedience bring power. 

Father, we thank you right now that each and every individual is blessed and encouraged. 

Lay hands on your own body. Talk to it and say, “This is moving day. I’m evicting you. Everything that is not in alignment with the purposes of God, you have to get out of my body!” 

Think about that. Those words are powerful. There’s a boldness inside of you that you can just release. 

I was talking to a lady who had been bed bound for many years. She was lying in bed, and I was talking to her on the telephone. I said, “May the healing balm of Gilead be on you.” 

The power of God came on her, and she came out of that bed. She was running around. She said, “I’m going to call my son and tell him to come over and burn this mattress.” She was so happy to get out of that bed. 

We hear many wonderful stories. I want you to be a candidate for wonderful stories. I want to hear from you. I ask you to write to us. Let us know how the power of God is moving in your life. 

Go forth saying, “I am a candidate for the fullness that God has prepared for me because God loves me so much.” 

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  1. caroline

    Wow Thank you never put a period where GOD put a comma

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