Fresh Faith, Fresh Miracles

It’s time to pray with you and set my faith in agreement with you that you are healed and delivered.

Recently I have talked about healed hearts and people who have had strokes. You may be saying, “What about me? One time I believed God and it hasn’t happened for me.”

I’m going to tell you something from my spirit. God is good and every one of us has been given a measure of faith and that measure is sufficient unto salvation.

Faith is growing, line upon line and precept upon precept. Faith is a gift and a fruit! Gifts are given. Fruit is grown.

Your faith has to come to the place that you truly can hold on, not just waiting for God to fall on you and make all this good stuff happen.

I release supernatural faith that causes you to prosper in the things that God has for you.

Today, begin to say, “I am going to stand in a place of agreement with the Word of God!”

Next, we are going to pray for the nations. We’re going to get our eyes off of I, me, and my and we’re going to speak words that have the power to reach people that have never been reached with the infallible, inerrant, awesome Word of God!

I take authority over the spirit of infirmity. God’s going to speak through me.

I am a mouthpiece for God, but it’s all about Him. I’m just saying what He’s saying to me. I’m moving by faith when I do that.

“God watches over his Word to perform it!” What God is needing is for you and me to get in a place that he can entrust us with the Word of God!

What does the Word mean when it says, “I fill up that which is lacking in the sufferings of Christ in my own body?”

I’ve gone through seasons in my life where great amazing miracles have happened. I had a child that got her finger cut off. God grew a new bone, a new finger, and a new fingernail.

I have a child that was burned, second and third-degree burns. Within six to seven hours there was not a mark left on his body. We have seen incredible things!

There have also been many mountains in my life where we’ve had the opportunity to grow and not just go over everything or around everything but go through it.

When I am in a situation where I’ve done all that I know to do, I stand, and I continue to proclaim the truth. That’s so important!

You create with the fruit of your lips by calling the things that are not to be the things that are. This is God’s way of bringing fresh faith into your life. That you are standing and not fainting. 

You are growing. You’re not going to stay a baby. You’re going to grow and you’re not just going to need milk all the time. You are going to need strong meat!

Let’s pray. I am ready to speak into your life and get you fully and completely equipped with everything that you need to be able to walk in health, wholeness, and healing by faith.

Gracious God and Father, we thank you that we have the power, we have the authority, we have the ability, we have the invitation to be partakers of the divine nature of God!

The divine nature that is released with these words, we thank you, Father, once again for these mighty, majestic angels that carry forth the Word of God. That the angels hearken when they hear the Word of God coming out of the redeemed!

May the angels catch those words. You and I can’t order angels around but we speak the Word and it summons them. It causes them to go all over the world.

God is saying, “Come on, speak that Word. Speak it out loud. Don’t be limited, be limitless!”

Have your faith moved to whole new places. My faith will work for you today–healing, wholeness, deliverance, joy, and peace. 

Now listen to the Word and comprehend that God is not here to talk about sin. He is talking about love.

Forgiveness, it’s true. All of the things that God’s given to you.

Make a decision in this hour that you are a candidate for God’s power. You can stand in the place of life and understand no more strife. Who would agree with the Word that’s true? Who’s going to say, ‘God whatever you do, and what you say is the way it will be. I am here to agree!’

What’s all that about? What’s all that rhyming and rapping? I’m not a rapper. I’m an unwrapper!

I’m here to unwrap those that have been bound by falsehoods and ideas and religious traditions in the mind of man.

Get yourself in a position where you know that you are so loved and so important to God.

The hour of power is coming to say we are praying for those all over the earth. We are releasing by faith the revelation of a new birth.

Father God, in Jesus’ holy name give me the words that I can be like a trumpet and begin to proclaim. All God’s power has been given to you and to me and the purpose of it is to set other people free.

Who will go to the man on the street? Who will speak a word and say in Christ you can be complete?

No more saying I’m hurt and wounded, and nobody knows the troubles I see. All around me is death, doom, and misery. You’re getting what you’re saying so stop it right away! You’ll be justified by what you say. Make a decision. Do it in this time.

And begin to agree with the Word of God that says, “If any man be in Christ, he is a brand-new creature. Old things have passed away.”

I read that Word, and this is what I had to say. If something has passed away, then it must be dead, and I need to bury it and not pick it up every few days to see if it’s really there.

It’s time for you to flow in the infallible, inerrant, and awesome word of truth. It’s time for you to turn the old nature loose.

I’m here to prophesy to you, to encourage you with the words that are in my life and to understand that the spirit of God has chosen you, not just as a temporary bride, but a consummate wife.

A companion of like nature and ability created to rule and reign. We are saying, “Oh, fall on me spirit of God. That’s why you came.”

The Word of God says, “I’m not falling, I’m flowing. I’m coming up and out. You’ve been created to be a glory spout!”

We’re not going to look back and say nobody knows how much pain, trouble, and strife. You wonder, ‘What does she mean that I am his wife? A companion of like nature and ability created to rule and reign. I’m a man. How could she call me a wife?’

If a woman can be a son of God, a man can be the bride of Christ because we are not talking gender benders in this time. We are talking about something holy. Something creative. Something that is divine.

Set your affections on things that are up above and say, ‘O Father God, fill me with your love. Activate and ratify the word of truth. Give me the invitation that I can partake and begin to turn your power loose.’

This is the time that we must agree. Who would agree with God and set other captives free?

I speak to the nations of the earth, and I release the antidote to this terrible dearth of hatred, resentment, jealousy, and pride. I read it in the book and this truth I cannot hide.

Only through pride come contention and strife. That’s not the kind of conversation that the king’s holy wife would partake in this time. You have the power to eradicate all negative things when you begin to speak and sing.

Say, ‘O Father God, I’ve come this very time and I’ve come to proclaim by faith in Christ, I am divine. I am created in the nature of the living king. I am a new creation. That’s a holy thing.’

Holy means set aside for the express purposes of the Lord God Almighty!

Today as we pray, you and I, we open our mouths, and we begin to prophesy, and we create with the fruit of our lips because the Word of God says you’re fully equipped.

It is the season. It is the time. We are healed. We are delivered and filled with joy.

Listen, nations of the earth, it’s time to rejoice. The spirit of the living God is going throughout the face of the land, and he is bringing forth a corporate man. A many-membered body standing in God’s stead, equipped to heal the sick and raise the dead.

How many out there would agree with me that the name of Jesus, the Great Messiah, has come to make you free?

In closing, I’ll say, “Receive this prayer personally and may these words bless you in every way.”

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