Faith is a Gift, Belief is a Choice

You have talent. 

Talent has to be disciplined. The way you get discipline is to stop saying negative things. Stop saying, I’m sick. I’m depressed. I’m down, things are bad, I don’t like this, I don’t like that. 

You can’t say I’m too fat, I’m too skinny, I’m too short, I’m too tall. My nose isn’t right. I need plastic surgery.

Look in the mirror and say, “I am the apple of God’s eye. I am holy and without blame.”

Let those words go in. When you discipline the memory of the Adamic nature, the hurts and the wounds are pushed out. The more you put the Word of God in, the other words that come trying to condemn, confuse, and accuse are pressed out.

We are full of God to the degree that we have been emptied of self. 

You can change anything if it’s meaningful to you. Your words have to change. The Kingdom of God is the kingdom of words that must be voice activated. 

Life is like a GPS. You set the destination for where you’re going.

The Holy Ghost is like your GPS. You’re headed toward manifesting the power of God. You’re driving down a highway of holiness. Then, you get off the beaten path. The GPS says recalculate

God tells us to recalculate when we’re off track.

The devil will say you dirty fool, you’re in the wrong place. Once again, you have messed up in your life. You’re never going to get on the right track. You’ll never get to where you think you’re going. You were cursed from the beginning. You worthless thing.

That’s not the Holy Spirit correcting you. Learn to discern the voice of God.

Any voice that comes to you to condemn you is not the voice of God.

God does not find fault with you. God will bring correction not rejection.  

There is a difference between condemnation and conviction. If you say I’ve been convicted because I feel miserable, you have not heard God. He is going to speak to you and say if you don’t want to be sick, you’re going to have to change possibly the way you’re eating, possibly the way you’re acting. 

God gives you consideration and facts. You have to be the one to have the courage to move in the direction of the answer. 

Many of us self-sabotage because we don’t want to change. We just want to wake up and say the grace of God did it all. 

The Word says. You are victorious. According to 2 Corinthians 2:14, it says now thanks be to God who always all the time, every time causes me to win. 

The scripture says that God always causes you to be victorious. 

Do you believe you’re beautiful? Do you believe you’re wonderful? Do you believe you’re talented? Are you happy about you? 

Don’t get caught up in ego. We’re all black or all white or whatever and if you put your stuff in foolishness like that, that has nothing to do with your greatness. 

Because we are born again is what makes us great and wonderful.

The root of all culture is cult. You think you want to preserve your culture. God’s got a culture and He’ll preserve that.

You’re free to be who God made you to be. 

You need to be transparent. You need to be real. You need to be authentic. 

You need to learn how to talk to people. Acknowledge the presence of people when they come around you. Don’t ignore them like they are little robots. I don’t know who they are so I’m not going to speak to them. 

You’ve got to be interested in people.  You’ve got to be smiling and look like you’re up to something. Life draws life.

I invited John to go to Israel and Australia with us. Here is his story of that experience.

I asked Clarice why we were going to Australia. She said, “We’re going to change the government.”

You can imagine my belief level was very low, but I went along with the program.

We went to this place and that place, we decreed, and we declared, and we shared our faith, and we chose to believe. 

Faith is a gift. Belief is a choice. 

You have to make the right choice. You have to believe the word of the prophet. 

Do you know what happens if you don’t believe the word of the prophet? What happened to Zachariah when the angel spoke to him? Death. He couldn’t speak… stupid. You get the spirit of stupid when you don’t believe. 

We had a wonderful time in Israel. It was an absolutely life-changing experience, meeting wonderful people, and exercising our faith.

We came home. Three days later I’m sitting in my chair, and I opened up Google news and the government of Israel had changed. Ariel Sharon had a stroke. Everything shifted. The Likud party came back into power. The shift in government kept Israel from trading land for peace, which was a failed policy. Israel is a strong nation today as a result of faith, as a result of believing, as a result of declaring. That’s Israel. 

Now, we can go to Australia. We were waiting for a water taxi. You get on a boat that takes you where you want to go in Sydney Harbor. As we’re waiting, we’re standing in line, speaking with various folks from around that part of the world. Clarice was sharing with a couple. They asked her why are you here in Australia? She said, “We’re here to bless the land.”

I would love it if you would bless our land up in Queensland. We’ve had a terrible drought for five years. It was horrible. Clarice says, “You came to the right person. I declare that you will have rain and that your drought will be over.” 

I have the article at home in my file in the New Zealand newspaper. Within 24 hours, it rained 3 1/2 feet. It was written up by the scientific community in Australia as an unbelievable anomaly. At the bottom of the article, the provincial governor had pronounced that the drought was over. 

These are only two situations that I could spend the rest of the afternoon sharing with you. The bottom line is you have to believe the word of the prophet. Otherwise, you get stupid.

Remember, faith is a gift. Belief is a choice. 

Believe the prophet and what will happen? God sent me here to tell you that you’re not sick, you’re not poor, and all of your children are disciples taught of the Lord with great peace and undisturbed composure. 

When you hear lying, condemning voices saying, you knew you couldn’t do that business, you knew you couldn’t do this or couldn’t do that, recalculate and line up with the Holy Spirit. 

Whatsoever things you desire when you pray, if you believe and do not doubt you can have what you say, not necessarily what you pray.

If you’re praying for prosperity and saying that you’re broke, you just dug your seed up. Get your tongue to line up.

This lady called me and said, “I just wish I could find something that I could contribute.”

I prayed for her. I said, “You know everybody has a gift, everybody has a talent, everybody’s got something going on. You’ve got that.”

She wrote back to me:  

 “After you prayed for me, I began to believe I had a purpose. I began to desire to paint. I never painted. I never had a gift in that direction. God opened a door for me to get some watercolor painting. I decided that must be the ministry that God has for me.

I’ll be a water coloring painting person. In eight weeks, I painted 52 paintings. I had never painted anything in my life. I sold 30 of them nationwide. Then I decided I’d have an art show and I sold 19. The best and greatest thing is that people know that it’s God doing this and not me. 

I put a scripture on all my paintings. Each painting has a cross, and they have to find it like a little treasure. And they also have a Bible verse. The most supernatural thing is I don’t know how to paint. I never knew that I could paint. People said when they look at my painting, they feel such peace. I am so blown away by God answering your prayer. You prayed for me, and you said I decree and declare that new doors of opportunity that you don’t know about will arise and that you and your family will not have any hesitation walking through them and they will be purpose and destiny filled. Your prayers were answered.

I now have my own painting business which is called Joy Works Paintings by Linda Dwyer. I have now painted 250 paintings in 12 weeks. They have sold all over the country. God’s Word is now living in 120 rooms across the country. Each painting has a Bible verse and a great cross on it.

I’ve been in three art shows. I’ve won the People’s Choice Award. I’m now having speaking engagements to share my testimony. The paintings have been turned now into fabric. Now, I’m making clothing and pillows. This is nothing short of a miracle.

As of today, my painting business continues to flourish. I have expanded into now taking referrals. I have become a coach and a mentor to others who are interested in painting or starting some kind of business.

Ask God to reveal your hidden talents and gifts. Believe you can do something new.

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