Oh Goodness: A Baby Brought Back to Life

A mother brought her baby to America from Kenya. He was six weeks old with a heart defect. The mother had full faith that something wonderful would happen with her baby. She brought him to a church in New Jersey where she knew I would be that day. Witness the unwavering faith of this mother and the miracle that happened. Do you believe in the raising of the dead? Jesus was resurrected. He gave us the power and authority to do that too and more. The Messiah, the Son of the Living God is alive and wanting to do incredible things in your life.

Resurrection Life: Get Busy Living Not Merely Existing

Resurrection, Revelation, and Application. See how you can live a resurrection life. You are alive but are you living life to the fullest? Spring to life now. Live full and die empty. It’s not too late for a new beginning. God wants to do incredible things in your life. God’s Living Word does not only inform you but transforms you. Jesus’ death and resurrection gave us the gift of eternal life with Him but also of an abundant life here and now. God wants you to receive your healing. God wants you to prosper. Revelation and application of God’s Word will produce wonderful and marvelous things in you and for you.

Teachable Moments: Life Assignments

Life Assignments

Everyone on this earth has an assignment. This assignment can and will change from day to day. Living life with an assignment in our mind at the forefront of our thoughts and actions helps us to fulfill our ultimate purposes.  Knowing where to begin when choosing the assignments for our life begins with the little things. It can often be overwhelming to tackle a huge project or assignment, but when we break it down into smaller tasks, it becomes much more manageable. What do you feel are some of your assignments in this life?

Teachable Moments: Becoming Your Own Priority

Teachable Moments- Becoming Your Own Priority

You are a unique individual capable of accomplishing amazing things! You work with a variety of people in your life, but individually, you should know who you are and where you are going.  It is often easy for us to get caught up in the lives of others and become the person who always steps in to help out when there are moments of crisis. We often then lose who we are as an individual.   Constantly being the answer to someone else’s problems suggests that we need a crisis to feel needed or important.  Do not allow yourself to be … Continue Reading

Teachable Moments: Identity

Teachable Moments- Identity

Most people are faced with some kind of an “identity crisis” in their life.  A negative attitude can take root in a person’s life if they do not have knowledge of their purpose and identity. Identity crises can arise because when people have not made a decision about who they truly are. They think that who they are personally is what they do professionally.  Our line of work is not who we are.  You are a unique individual capable of accomplishing amazing things! You work with a variety of people in your life, but individually, you should know who you … Continue Reading

Teachable Moments: Priorities

Teachable Moments- Priorities

Priorities should be present in your professional life, as well as your personal life. Having an ability to live a balanced life by keeping your priorities in line with your vision is so important.  Priorities go hand-in-hand with boundaries.  We often discover that priorities will be blown away by every wind if there is no boundary to keep your priorities in place.  Learn to control who and what comes in and out of your life.  This decision will allow for your continual forward movement without the anchors of distractions tying you down. What is one of your greatest priorities, and … Continue Reading

Teachable Moments: Balance

Teachable Moment- Balance

A balanced life is one that requires continual adjustment. Much like a thermostat regulates the temperature of a room, balance enables us to adjust different aspects of their lives to allow for changes. How are you able to adjust your plans and decisions in the face of current trends or outcomes?

Committed to Action

Committed to action

I love two things:  I love individuals who are committed to an action plan.  The second thing I love is the individual who recognizes that the plan isn’t working and has no difficulty detaching from what doesn’t work and starting something completely different.  Yes, it is important to have an action plan. It is important to giving your plan time to be tested.  But it is just as important to be open to making adjustments whenever they are needed rather than holding on to time, energy, and resource wasters.  If you want the outcome of your action plan to produce … Continue Reading