Teachable Moments: Good Investments

good investments

One of the greatest gifts in life is to find the individuals that teach and instruct us on how to bring out the best in our lives.  These people discovered that successful individuals have developed certain traits and positive habits to emulate. Once this discovery is made, you can model their successful behaviors. The key is EMULATION, not imitation. What attitude and traits do others exhibit that produce the results you want for yourself?

New Adventures

new adventures

People see new adventures through many different lenses.  Some see a new adventure as exciting, rewarding, fulfilling, and cannot wait to stand in the middle of it.  Others have a broader view of a new adventure and combine their excitement with the wisdom in knowing that new adventures often come with risk and potential jeopardy and disruption to comfort and familiarity.  Some see a new adventure as able to be traveled alone and independently.  Others see a new adventure as being in need of a team to help guide the way on paths they have never traversed before.  However it … Continue Reading

Teachable Moments: Opportunity


The amazing benefits of taking advantage of opportunities is that it allows you to realize your full potential.  When you realize that new opportunities are knocking, you must not allow the fear of taking a risk to stop you.  When you are open to receiving the opportunities around you, determine what steps you need to take to get started, and put your plan in writing. How do you feel about your ability to succeed with new opportunities?

Plan Your Work, Then Work Your Plan

plan your work

The true goal of a successful dreamer is to leave a legacy of something that will make someone else’s life easier or better.  In the leaving of a legacy, is the planning of the dreamer.  The plan, the representation of the dream, includes methods, strategies, goals, and timelines.  Once you have developed your plan, take the action steps necessary to work out and walk out your plan.  Review it consistently, adjust it when necessary, update and upgrade it faithfully, and commit to it full time. What does your plan look like?

Teachable Moments: The Patterns of Life

the patterns of life

We all have a thought about something in life. Science has proven that our thoughts are ALIVE! When thoughts are detonated and become words, either positive or negative, they will explode into deeds or actions once released into the atmosphere.  Change has to occur in our mind first before it does anywhere else.  We must learn how to control our thoughts because they are the most powerful things we have! Are you aware of the power of your own thoughts and the impact they have on your life?



A foundation is the support that everything else stands on.   What might constitute the first or second floor if the foundation is in chaos?  What might constitute the first or second floor if the foundation is in order with all things harmonious?  Once the foundation of a house is set, or fixed in place, it is next to impossible to change it.   Foundations can be everything from a new development to a fundamental assumption.  Whether the foundations that have been laid down in your own life are in chaos, or ordered and harmonious, consider the implications upon your own next … Continue Reading

In Pursuit of Purpose

In Pursuit of Purpose

In our pursuit of purpose, it sometimes happens that we neglect to recognize a shift in assignments.  The purpose has not changed, but the assignments, the path to purpose, has.  We wake up one day only to discover that the things which became attached to us have now subtly become a way of life that are keeping us stuck and holding us back.  In our pursuit of purpose, look for the assignment shifts that lead to fresh, new open doors of opportunity to the next level. What in your life needs to shift?

Teachable Moment: Opting Out

Opting out

If you truly want to see the benefit of your visions becoming a reality, do not excuse yourself from the pain or the process that it will take to get there.  When faced with making the hard decisions, it can be very tempting to take the path of least resistance; the mindset that encourages you to opt out, hide your head in the sand, and sweep the hard things under the rug. Can you recall a time when you chose to opt out rather than make a decision about something in life? Looking back on it now, how did that … Continue Reading