Beyond Breakthrough: Who Would Agree with God?

Let’s start with prayer:  Father, in the name that is above everything that’s got a name, we release divine miracles and divine resources. 

We summon the fountains of the deep with the activating voice of God that we go beyond breakthrough. We begin to establish the Word of God with the word of faith that is already nigh thee even in our mouth. 

You cannot be ordinary. I forbid you to be ordinary! 

I have had the opportunity to experience some challenges.

How many of you know that a person with an experience becomes more valuable than a person that only has the doctrine? 

God establishes the truth in His mercy. 

One experience I had was a hip replacement. The night before the surgery, I said, “Listen Body, In the morning, hip is going to heaven.”

She’s really done a great job. I said she’s going to go, and she’s going to meet sister tonsils and sister appendix. I’ve been going to heaven one piece at a time for an extended period of time. 

You need to talk to your body. I told my body, “I said in the morning when hip goes to heaven, there will be another part. It’s going to be called sister titanium. Now she doesn’t look like us. If you don’t let titanium in, you’ll never walk again.” 

There are some things going on; we’re filling up that which is lacking in the sufferings of Christ in our own body. 

I want you to get yourself in a position to make a decision. A decision is not a conversion, but until you make a decision, the conversion can’t take place. 

Understand that you are independently wealthy. It is the will of God that you owe no man, no woman anything except to love them. You carry dignity. You carry God. You are a God house.

It is the will of God for you to make things happen. God gets excited about worship. In worship, He melts metal. 

Worship creates an atmosphere conducive for the power, the Dunamis, and the Exousia of God to flow out of Zion, the dwelling place of God. 

We get healed, thrilled, chilled, and filled.

What is the desire of your heart? What do we need to pay the bills? What do we do to hold things still? Let’s make it steady in Jesus’ name. All you’ve got to do is Proclaim

Who would agree with God? The way you really move on the heart of God is to give.

I have had so many opportunities to experience varying degrees of life. Every time a part of my body decides it wants to go to heaven, I’ll just send it there and get a new one. Those of you that have been around awhile and you’re hurting and aching, don’t be dismayed. 

You’re going to begin to see a limitless God that’s moving and restoring and establishing that will cause your pocketbook to say, “I couldn’t pay my bills, and now I don’t know what to do with all this money.” 


Agree that the Blood of the Lamb has set you free. “Lord, let your rivers flow.” Supernatural, that’s my name; supernatural, that’s my game.

Tell everybody that you see, the hope of glory; He’s in me. You’ve got to know it in the depths of your heart. Are you ready to start? A limitless God is in this house; you’ve got a miracle in your mouth.

Nothing is impossible for You to do. Sow to the Lord. Miracles true. Listen to the Word; it’s time to do. 

You’re not ordinary; you’re awesome and divine. Who would agree with God? 

All you’ve got to do is move by faith. Get yourself now in this holy race. Who would agree with God? You’ve got the power to flourish in this day. 

Think like a champion, become brand new. 

Now, if you’ve been living a hindering life, it’s your traditions that make the Word of God to no effect.

In the authority of the name of Jesus Christ, I smite these traditions, and I say, “You’re going to live an unhindered life. God bless you.”

You are chosen.

We’ve been waiting on God to fall, and He says I’m not falling; I’m flowing. Say, “With God, all things are possible.”

I wrote a book called, Ridiculous Miracles. It’s about healing the sick, raising the dead, and it’s not theories.

These are actual experiences. My child cut her finger off, and God grew her a new bone, a new finger, a new fingernail. 

A man that dropped dead, God raised him from the dead. My son was burned; third-degree burns all over his body, and he was left blind. In eight hours, there was not a mark on his body. 

Who wants to go limitless? 

I’m telling you what religious traditions of the mind of man; will not cause you to stand in this day. You say, “I am a miracle worker. I am!”

Activate the avenue of revenue. I’ve been poor, and I’ve been rich, and believe me, I know which is which. I’d rather be rich. 

How many of you want to be rich? 

It is the will of God that you prosper, not for you, but that you can heal the sick and raise the dead and cast out devils. But you need to be able to feed the hungry. You need to be able to clothe the naked. You need to be able to do things to help people get established in business.

I had an exorbitant budget. I didn’t know how I was going to make it. We had about 1500 people at an event. I said, “Oh my God, my God, it’s me again.” That was before I knew it was finished. Selah. I used to beg and plead before I knew all I had to do was decree.

I didn’t know it, but I would say, “I need a breakthrough. I need an acceleration. I need an increase.” I had blisters on my tongue. I’m praying, “God, increase the faith of God in me. Let me understand.” 

We were receiving an offering. I had 27 speakers to pay. I said, “I owe, I owe, so off to praise I go.” 

The spirit of giving was in the place. People gave everything. They gave their shoes. One lady gave her girdle. 

A man was standing in the back. He was looking at his jacket like it was the baby Jesus. The Lord says, “If he puts his jacket in that offering everything is his.” I said, “Go away, go away. Go now. Shoo.” 

Here he comes down the aisle. He stands over the basket and lays ‘baby Jesus’ in the offering. I knew if I gave one minute to think about it, I’d be done. 

I said, “Stop!” He comes up. I said, “God spoke to me that if you gave your jacket that everything in the offering belonged to you.” He says, “What?”

He was from Gabon, Africa. He was about 22 years old. He was going to Christ for the Nation. He laid down his jacket.

Doubt is the spirit of the antichrist. Christ means the anointed. The devil is against anything that’s anointed. Reason is doubt in disguise.

If something is gnawing at you, whether it’s money, a relationship, whether it’s ‘he said, she said,’ well they did this to me, they did that to me, it’s coming from pride.

Healing happens when hearts change. Forgive. Eat from the tree of life.

Do you have sins of unforgiveness? Have you not been able to forgive yourself? In order to have the breakthrough, you need to walk in the fullness of what God has. 

You cannot go around being angry at somebody or being hurt or wounded. It will hurt you more. 

You cannot afford an attitude apart from the Word of God. These things are so significant and important. When I realized that, I went back to giving away all my money. 

The guy who gave his jacket didn’t owe anybody anything. I asked him, “Have you received the baptism of the Holy Spirit since you’ve become a Christian?” 

“I don’t know what that is,” he replied.

I said, “Okay, Father in Jesus’ name, baptize him in the Holy Ghost.” The guy passed out, rolled around on the floor, and spoke in tongues. 

He left, and I left, and my husband said, “Have you completely lost your mind?” 

I said, “No, but I’m working on it because I believe if I go ahead and lose my mind, I’ll get a new one. I’ll think with this mind that is in Christ.”

Years go by. At two o’clock in the morning, the phone rings. This man said, “Mama, Mama.” 

I said, “Yes.”

He says, “This is your son from Gabon.” He says, “You give me the money.” He says, “I go and now we have 1200 churches.”

Let your seed do the walking. I prophesy vast amounts of wealth to be released to you. I unearth vast riches of hidden treasure. You need money to do what you need to do. 

That’s what the Word of God says: Fresh, creative ways to gain wealth. 

Father, in the name of Jesus, I plunder the drug, alcohol and gambling, pornography, media, and all other godless and pagan sources of revenue, and I release it to the chosen ones. 

Name your seed.

Get your heart right, and your pocketbook will be filled to overflowing. 

My husband is 82 years old. We were saying it’s time for us to begin to give everything away because the next big thing for us is going to heaven. And the Lord said, “Who told you that? What if I want you to live 120 years? What if I want you to be alive? What if I want to do something in you that’s supernatural that will cause people to say, ‘Hey, I’m not getting older; I’m getting better.’”

“What if I call you to do that?”

I said, “What does that mean?” 

The Lord said, “Go build your house, build your mansion, build it on the water and act like you’re 25.”

I did. And that’s where I’m living now. Praise God.

You’ve got to understand in this house; you’ve got a miracle lurking in your mouth. You’ve got to choose to agree with the Lord and get your giving in holy accord. 

You can have whatever you say. Lift your vision higher than before and let me tell you what’s at the door—prosperity. 

Prosperity. Not just enough, more than enough. 

I was with brother Leroy Thompson. He gets up and says, “God’s good.” People start running from everywhere giving money. I’m sitting on the front row, and I’m writing checks like a crazy woman.

I said, “What is this?” 

The Lord said, “That’s a money magnet.” 

“I want to be one.” 

He said, “Well, say it. Say I’m a money magnet.”

“I’m a money magnet. I’m a money magnet. I’m a money magnet. Come here from the North and the South and the East and the West.”

I got so excited about a money message. I named my two dogs Money and Debt-free. I’ve had them for 14 years. I want you to know there’s something about talking the talk and walking the walk. 

Get yourself in agreement with the Word of the Lord. 

“Come forth, you mighty agents of God for the transfer of wealth.” 

Because of my abundance, because I’m seated at the right hand of Majesty, because I have been created to administrate the estate of God from a revelation of ‘it is finished,’ I’m no longer trying to get what I’ve already got. 

I told my past it was over. I forgot. In light of eternal things and things that will last, I don’t even have a past. Who would agree with God? 

You better learn to talk and begin to say, “Well, I don’t have but $5.” 

Quit saying that. You’ll be amazed at what will begin to happen. 

I’m driving down the street, and I’m saying, “Lord, this is a fine automobile. I’m fine.” 

He said, “Give it away.”

You must have something better in mind for me. I told my husband, “I’m going to give my car away.” 

He said, “Have you done that before?”

I said, “Oh yeah, about ten times, but every time I’m upgrading.” 

Are you upgrading today?

I’ve given away houses, cars, money, clothes, and jewels. I found out the more you give, the better you live, but you’ve got to walk in forgiveness.

Unforgiveness will stop the flow of everything. It’ll make you the most miserable of all people. It’s an opinion apart from God that you cannot afford. 

My husband said, “Honey, what are you going to do to pay everybody now that you gave all your money away?”

I thought the people had given all they had to give. I didn’t want to ask for another offering. God prompted me to ask anyway. Twice as much came in that night. 

Don’t limit yourself. With God all things are possible. 

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