Behold, I Do A New Thing

Don’t keep saying that you don’t have time, you can’t afford that, you can’t do this or that. Quit testifying against God. It’s not going to win you any favor to do that. 

With God all things are possible. The more impossible your situation is, I’m here to tell you today, that your setback is a setup for a comeback. 

Whatever you’re going through, praise and pray. Strengthen yourself with the joy of the Lord. You’re going to see incredible things. 

You’re an extension cord of the glory of God. Get plugged in. 

Maybe you’ve been oppressed, suppressed, repressed, depressed, and possibly possessed. Choose to believe the report of the Lord. 

Everybody needs to be doing something to evangelize. Don’t limit yourself to anything. You have an incredible invitation from God to be a voice of the Lord.

You could have a church of your own on the computer and invite people to pray for people who are sick, oppressed, or lonely. 

I thought after 40 years of pastoring it was time to retire. The Lord said no, it is time to re-fire. Those 40 years were years of training. I’m telling you it’s time to re-fire.

God will make a way where there is no way. 

When I speak and tell a motivational story, people are happy and laugh. Then, I say, “Well, you know without faith it’s impossible to please God. So, you can be rich as Rockefeller, you can have an avenue of revenue. But until you know God, I’m telling you that you can be rich but be miserable. You need to meet the Lord.”

People are getting saved and healed in the marketplace. 

Don’t limit yourself to thinking that the only way God works is behind the four doors of the church. 

I recently had the opportunity to do a program with Sid Roth. A lot of people started calling from all over the world. This one lady called, and she was talking to my staff and said, “I need to talk to that woman.”

Dr. Tandie (she’s so polite and nice) and she said, “Listen, she is not available today. She has meetings.”

So, about 15 minutes later she called again. She said, “Is she through with that meeting?”

Opportunity and persistence make a way. There’s something about pressing in. Most of us want to call one time and just forget it. This woman called three times in about 30 minutes looking for me. She says, “Well, can you go in and get her out of the meeting, I really need to talk to her?”

They said, “No, we can’t go in and get her out of the meeting.”

I was in the den, in my home, and my husband’s phone, his cell phone rang (nobody knows his number). And this woman said, “Is that you?”

I realized at that moment I really needed to talk to her. I said, “How did you get this number?” 

She said, “It just came to me.”

With God, all things are possible regardless of what your situation is. Don’t look at your circumstances, look at your covenant with God. He is an Almighty God.

I thought about the way Jesus taught. He always reduced knowledge to a level of comprehension that ordinary people comprehended extraordinary things.

I said, “Well, now that you got me, what is it that you want?”

She says, “Oh Honey, I want to tell you something. It’s really bad over here.”

She said, “My daddy is 92 years old and he’s sick. He has Alzheimer’s. I’ll tell you what, he’s hard to take care of and he’s full of fear. I don’t remember the last time I was able to take a bath. I have to take care of him all the time. He fusses and it’s just so hard. And old Sparky broke his leg.”

I said, “Now, who’s Sparky?”

She said, “Sparky is my dog. And my two cats have the mange. And she says, I’ve got…”

This was so important to God that He gave her my private phone number.

How big is your God? 

How big is your God? If he’s concerned about Sparky, I promise you; He’s concerned about you. 

She says, “Well, my faith just got up. I knew if I could get in touch with you and you could agree with me that God would do something about my situation.”

I said, “Jenny Lou, do you have an apron? Do you have a dishrag or anything like that?” 

She said, “Oh yeah, I’ve got an apron.” 

I said, “Well, get it out. Do you have a mason jar that you can with?” 

“Oh yes ma’am, I’ve got one of those.”

I said, “Get your mason jar out, get a pair of scissors, and just cut your apron up. Then stick the fabric in the mason jar.”

She said, “Is this scriptural?” 

I said, “Oh yeah.” 

She says, “Where do you find that?”

I said, “Under ‘Behold, I do a new thing.’”

I said, “Start cutting it up. Now, what I want you to do is get some olive oil. 

Pour it in the jar and then screw that top on real tight and shake it up. Now, put the phone on top of it. I’m going to bless your cloth.”

She said, “Can you do that?”

I said, “Oh yeah.”

Behold, we do a new thing.

I prayed, “Devil, I remind you, you’re old and ugly. You’ll never know the love of God. You’ve lost your glorified body. And I’m telling you for every opportunity I get, I’m going to bind you. I’m going to put you in a hole that you planned to put Jenny Lou in.”

“Right now, I’m praying for Sparky. Right now, the cats that have the mange. Praise God. I’m talking to Alzheimer’s. You are not going to be there. You might be ‘some timers,’ but you’re not going to be ‘all timers.’” 

You’ve got to get excited about God. 

The essence of truth says that the garments that touched the people that the apostles touched that demons were cast out and they were healed. She needed an anointed cloth. She had faith to believe that I could touch God for her. 

Let’s activate what we have instead of looking at what we don’t have. Let’s look at what we do have. Don’t make this hard. The only thing God’s got to work with is people. 

Next, I told Jenny Lou, “I prayed over this cloth. Now what I want you to do is take a piece of that cloth and you go pin it on your daddy. Lay your hands on him and say: Daddy, you’re healed by the stripes Jesus bore.”

She says, “Is that cloth powerful?”

I said, “Absolutely not. I’ll tell you what’s powerful. We communicate our faith and signs and symbols. This is a sign and a symbol of what God is doing. So, it’s just a reminder and your act towards faith.”

She said, “Well, I can do that. Hold on. Okay, I got it on Daddy.”

I said, “Now get a way to tie a big tie around Sparky. You get in there and take authority over Sparky. His leg hurts and you just begin to tell him he’s a healed dog.” 

She said, “Well, I’m going to put this on the cat and put it on the dog. I’m scratched but I got them on there.”

She said, “You’ll never know what this conversation has been to me. I just know that things are going to get better.” 

Be like Jenny Lou. She was determined and persistent. Her faith was, “I just knew if I could touch the hem of your garment.”

Behold, a new thing is coming! 

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