Awaken Your Vision
Awaken Your Vision: Awaken Your Destiny

Get up! Do not wait for God to fall on you. Begin to activate the Word of God. You have the opportunity to overcome and begin to agree with the Word of God. 

I found out that my automobile, as nice as it is without gasoline, it’s not going anywhere. I can sit in it, and I can roll the windows up and down. I can listen to the radio. As far as what it was created for to be able to get me from one place to the next, I have to have the fuel. 

The fuel that’s going to make you run is the faith of God. Not just the faith in God, but the faith of God.

It’s the faith of the Son of God that lives inside of you.

Right now, you need to make a decision that every report that has come upon you, anything any doctor has said, or any person has said, say that you are blessed from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. 

You are not ordinary. You’re extraordinary. 

Take the Word of God. Do not get addicted to ordinary. Do not get addicted to I’ve heard this before. Regardless of how many times you’ve heard it, you have to make it yours. Understand that you have to activate it.

Once I put gasoline in my car, I have to pay a price for it. Nobody wants to give it away. But God says it’s free. Take the faith of God and say, “Devil, I want to tell you something. The hole you dug for me; I’m fixing to put you into it.” 

Whatever is on your body. Say, “Now, may the angel of the Lord pursue you, Satan, on a dark and slippery path. We remind you that Jesus has defeated you.”

I have the keys. We have the keys, not a key. 

We have the keys. We have healing, deliverance, prosperity, joy, peace, love, and life. 

You are on the increase. Claim your Divine health. Declare that you’re not going to die; you’re going to live. 

Proverbs says: “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Awaken to your destiny.

Without passion, there’s no power to perform. The knowledge of a thing is not the possession of it. 

On my honeymoon, my husband was a ski instructor. I lived in Louisiana. He lived in Denver. He told me, and I believed it, that Colorado was wonderful. I’ve never been in that kind of cold. I’m used to a lot of humidity. We went skiing. It was the most miserable experience I ever had in my life.

They had skis that were 15 feet long. You put something on like a mad dog biting your ankles off. He took me on a rope tow. 

I wanted to fit in, but this was far beyond anything I’ve ever done before. He was a ski instructor that trained Olympians. Here I am, on a bunny trail. I don’t know what a bunny trail is. I don’t know what a rope tow is. 

He said, “Just grab the rope, Honey.”

We’re going up the mountain. I am miserable. I’m cold. I’d gone to bed one night looking lovely. I woke up in the morning with all my skin coming off. It was dry and awful. My lips were parched. I looked like a scared deer in the headlights going up the mountain. 

He said, “Now when we turn this corner, turn loose the tow.”

I didn’t turn loose. I couldn’t turn loose. We turned and I’m hanging over the mountain. I was hanging on for dear life. 

George kept saying, “Fall, fall.”

I thought, “I’m not going to fall. It’s not going to happen.”

I was completely out of my depth of understanding. When you have someone that is so experienced, you believe what they tell you. You’ve got cancer as big as Arizona on you and the doctors are doing this and doing that. You’re doing everything that you know to do.

You hear this voice, believe God, trust God. You think, “I am trusting God.”

I just sat down. George says, “Honey, get up.”

I started unlatching these things on my feet.

He says, “Don’t take the skis off, you’ll never get down.”

I said, “I’m going to roll down.”

He said, “You can’t do it like that. All you’ve got to do is get up on your feet. You can, Honey, it’s easy.” 

I said, “Then you do it. You slide on down, but I’m rolling. When I get to the bottom of this thing, never again will I ever be foolish enough to try to think that I can do this. I have no desire.” 

There are things in our life when somebody is telling us, “Listen, you’re not sick.”

You think I’m not sick, even though you’re limping around and hurting. 

You have to be careful how you hear a thing.

I was an only child. When I started the first grade. My dad had been overseas. While he was overseas, my mother would say, “You want to write Daddy a letter?”

I’d write him a letter. Mother would read it to me pretending that I had written the words, not just scribbles.  

I assumed that I wrote well. When I went to school, the teacher said we were going to learn the alphabet and learn to read and write.

I told her I already knew how to do that. She told me to write my name. I scribbled and gave it to her. 

She said, “This isn’t writing, this is scribble.”

We can be very defensive of the things that we have learned. Then God comes up and brings somebody to challenge everything. You think, “I’m not going to do what you’re telling me to do, I’m going to continue to do it my way.”

If you want the benefit of the Word of God, then you have to embrace change. The greater the change, the greater the reward. 

Today there is truth that is present for today that was not there yesterday. 

God is showing us a more excellent way. 

It’s not a matter of challenging everything. I did roll down the mountain. I looked like a snowball when I finally got there. I learned from that. 

Don’t take people too fast.

I needed an experience on a three-foot hill. I did not need to go way up on the high slopes.

There is a process of learning. You have to be careful how you hear a thing. George told me how wonderful it was. He sold it to me before I had an experience. From his vantage point, it was wonderful. 

There are things that people bring to us, and you think, “Well, I’m trying what you’re trying.”

A couple were celebrating their first anniversary. They loved each other so much. He was getting ready to go to work. He came in and gave her a credit card and said, “Sweetheart, you go get anything that your little heart desires. I love you.”

She said, “I love you too.”

She took the credit card and what did he say? Go get anything that’s in your heart’s desire. 

She took the credit card and found this oriental rug for $5,000. She really liked it and it didn’t fit in the budget, but the husband said anything your heart desires.

She tried to call him. She couldn’t get him. She texted him, “I found the most beautiful rug for $5,000. Can I have it?”

He almost had a heart attack when he saw the text. He was in a meeting, and he immediately wrote back, “No, the price is too high!!!”

When he got home that evening, she was cooking dinner. She said, “Come see.”

He said, “Come see what?”

She said, “Come see the rug.”

He said, “You bought that rug?”

She said, “Yes. I got your text.”

He said, “You did, and you bought the rug?”

She read his text, “No price is too high.”

We are learning some amazing things about how to change, how to convert our dreams and our hopes into appropriate goals.

Many times, we have these incredible plans, but we don’t know how to get from point A to point Z. You cannot omit B, C, and D. There’s a progressive learning process.

Today, I would like to talk to you about how to convert your dreams into realities. 

Dreams are no more than unrefined hopes. 

Someday I’m going to do this and someday I’m going to do that. We’re making mental assent to things, but we’re not making a plan. We’re not saying, “How do I convert this?”

If you desire the benefit, there is a procedure that you need to follow. If you want to heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out devils, there’s a process in that.

Anytime you see men and women of God who are healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out devils, and preaching words that inform and transform your life, be assured that they have had an incredible education from God.

They have embraced frustration, limitation, agitation, and all kinds of wicked nations. There’s no such thing as an instant man or woman of God. 

It is going to cost you some change.

I was sincere about thinking I could read and write. I was just sincerely wrong.

There are things that you and I have been sincere about in our walk with God and it’s not given us where we desire to be. 

You have to be careful how you hear a thing. 

I have friends who are pastors. They went to buy groceries and they had a little tiff going on, an opportunity to overcome.

She asked him, “Did you get the artichokes?”

He looked at her and said, “Well, you ought to choke too.”

She said, “Why would you say such a thing to me that I ought to choke?” 

He said, “Well, why did you tell me I ought to choke?”

She said, “I asked you, did you get the artichokes?”

Then they laughed. 

The reality is we hear things crooked. So, in the Word of God be careful how you hear a thing. 

When there is a dream and a desire in your heart and God begins to plant that seed inside of you, you have to know how to activate it and make it become a reality in your life. 

God wants to do something fresh, something that’s exciting and igniting. He wants you to be wealthy. He says, “I would above all things that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.”

God wants you to be wealthy and debt-free.

When I realized God wants me debt-free, I got two dogs. I named one Money and the other one Debt Free. I knew I was going to have to start speaking the language. If you want the benefit, follow the procedure.

Scripture says: With God, all things are possible, and Behold, I do a new thing

When you awaken your vision, you will awaken your destiny.

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  1. Barbra

    Wow! Powerful reading and so relevant to my life being a young ambitious, optimistic woman in ministry with a strong desire to inspire, Equip, empower and transform lives as well as serving God, reading this is showing me and teaching lessons l need to keep learning and growing towards my goals, dreams and life vision.

    Thank you for this inspiring, informing and transformative messege which is relevant and timely.

  2. Debra Purtz

    Thanks Clarice! You’re always so encouraging. Sometimes I see it as you are a type A business woman. I am educated and walked with Jesus a long time but I am simple and in early sixties and and seems I’m still not doing anything Great for God. ( though I Do tell others wherever I go about Jesus) I just believe all He has invested in me – there must be more expansion. I want to see change and open doors. I don’t know “how” to start things or even where to start sometimes. I’m crying out to God for answers. Thank you for your words – they help me so much. Maybe not fervently but I do pray for you at times ❣️ Blessings

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