Activate Your Dream: Don’t Retire

When you choose a dream that you want to pursue in your life, let me tell you what has to happen. Your thoughts, your words, and your actions have to line up with the dream and the vision. Say, “I have a vision.”

The scripture says without a vision, you’re going to die. Without a vision from God, you’re not going to do anything. Without a progressive vision, then you’re going to dwell carelessly. We have to awaken to the vision. We have to hear what God is saying to us. 

After 40 years of pastoring, I said to the Lord, “I’m retiring.”

The Lord said to me, “Get ready to learn a new language.”

I said, “I bind you, Devil.”

I didn’t want to learn a new language. I just wanted to do what I wanted to do. There’s no need to lie to God. 

“Oh Lord, I delight to do thy will.”

Well, I used to say that. Then after I ran around with Him for a while, I realized that where the cross meets sometimes He asks things of us that are not just the “Oh, I can’t wait to do that.” 

We were taught that the will of God is so wonderful. But I’m telling you it’s quite contrary to the will of Adam.

You think Adam is dead, but you’ve resurrected him with your words. You have resurrection life that lives in the depths of you when you go around confessing the Adamic nature saying I’m down and out and I’m oppressed, suppressed, and all those negative things.

All of hell says the sons of God say they’re sick. The sons of God say their kids are no good. The sons of God say they’ve got this or that, so you activate the demonic forces that are drawn to unbelief. 

“I’ll just go over there and just lay some of it on the church,” Satan says. The Kingdom of God is a kingdom of words, but the kingdom of Satan can’t do anything until the sons of God speak.

Satan is brain dead. He doesn’t know anything until you tell him what’s going on. 

Your dream cannot be a pipe dream. Your desire can’t be just a hope. Our thoughts, our words, and our actions matter. 

Haman got hung. But what happens is that we hang the Hamans of our life, the ones that are coming against these demonic forces. We hang them with the words that we speak. But they get loose from the noose by the words that we speak also. 

You have life and death in your mouth.

The most important thing that you can do is get your thought life lined up to agree with God. 

You get a thought, then you get a word, and then you begin to speak your thought. Those thoughts have to be refined through the blood of the Lamb of God. 

You can’t keep the birds from flying over your head, but you can keep them from making a nest in your hair. You have a responsibility to keep wicked thoughts out of your head.

When accusations, fear, dread, and doubt come in be careful what you say. Refrain from saying that you are afraid.

Create with God by calling the things that are not to become the things that are. 

You have the privilege, but you also have the responsibility. Responsibility is the ability to respond to the Word of God.

God says you are the head, not the tail. You’re above and not beneath. You’re blessed. You’re empowered. 

If you speak negative words like, “I just can’t take another day, things are going down, the economy is going to fail,” here’s what will happen. You may be stating facts, but you carry the truth, which is the Word of God. 

You carry the antidote to the antichrist if you will open your mouth and agree with God.

What you want to do is get this vision inside of you. Maybe you’ve got the vision, but the dream has fallen asleep. 

You think, “I thought we were going to be in a different place by this time. I thought this was going to be paid for. I thought this was going to happen. I thought I thought I thought.”

You may have had a vision and a dream of that, but you didn’t feed it.

That hope is still in your heart. Do you have some dreams in your heart?

You didn’t activate your dream yet. Choose that vision, choose to say, “Lord, I don’t want it just to be some empty, unrefined hope that’s in my life. I need to do something and move in the direction to see that while I’m alive and kicking that we’re going to get some things done.” 

I’ve had people say when I give them a prophetic word and they’ll say, “Praise God, that’s the 15th time the Lord has told me that.” 

I said, “And you’re bragging about this?”

Some people collect prophetic words that say the same thing year after year after year. They put them in a nice book and say this is what God has said about me, that I’m to do such and such.

The reality is if you’ve heard it twice, it was one time too many. The purpose of a prophetic word is to confirm to you what God has already spoken to your heart. You don’t need to be told 15 times. 

We’re more than able to take the land. Oh, we’re just grasshoppers. No. God said, “Go take the land.”

You realize there were just two people out of all the 12 tribes. They go over and they look, and they see what’s going on. Big old grapes and then the next thing they see big old giants. What do you see? 

What’s keeping you from being all that God says you already are?

We’re trying to get into the room that we are already in. God says at some point, get up and say, “I am more than a conqueror through Christ.”

It’s not too late to wake up the dream in your heart. Don’t retire it. Activate it.

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