Gracious God and Father,

We thank you that You are God, in control of all things. We invite you. We invoke the power of the living God upon us.

Holy Ghost, Lord and giver of life, come and touch these people that are

here today.

Lord, you gave me a name. Julian. Father, in Jesus’ name I release the revelation of the love of God upon this man. I take authority over the spirit of diabetes that has come upon you. I speak healing.

All of you that are under the terrible bondage of sugar diabetes, I bind that.

Spirit of cancer, I break your hold. We’ve got the answer to cancer, and its name is Jesus, the Christ of God, the anointing of God.

The anointing destroys the yoke. We go through the airwaves. We’ve heard that Satan is the prince of the power of the air. But a king is greater than a prince. We invade the airwaves.

Mighty God, arise! Let your people be made aware of the power of God. Thanks be to God. He always, every time, causes us to triumph in every situation.

Those that are in need of financial breakthrough, in the name of Jesus, God’s got all the gold, all the silver, all the cattle on a thousand hills.

Begin to say, “I am a candidate.” Begin to pray the prayer that Jabez said.

I don’t like the way things are going, and I need some increase.

You don’t have it because you don’t ask it and believe it by faith. God releases right now the faith to believe, the faith to receive, the faith to say, “Thanks be to God. He always causes me to win.”

In this life, you’re going to have some trials. You’re going to have some testing. You’re going to have some tribulation. It’s going to look bad, sad,

and you’re going to be oppressed, suppressed, repressed, and probably possessed. But you’ve got the answer when you call out to God.

Simply say, “Lord, if that’s you, bid me come.”

I remember the scriptures where Peter was in a boat on a stormy night, and he sees an image. He doesn’t know what it is, but he says, “God, if it’s you,

call me.” He did not have an explanation. He had an invitation.

There’s an invitation today. Leave what you know for what you don’t know and what’s not working. God works.

Knowing the savior. Knowing Jesus, the Son of the living God has paid the price for sickness. Being born again means that you receive the wonderful prosperity, health, deliverance, and power over all the enemy, all the areas of darkness.

I call faith be released into the atmosphere. Faith be released in authority of the name of Jesus. We call upon that mighty name. We call upon the name that is above everything that’s got a name.

Right now, a man named Foster. Your knees have been just terrible. Right now, lay hands on your own knees, and say, “Knees, in the name of Jesus, you are healed.”  Rather than waiting on surgery, begin to wait on the great master surgeon, the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world. He says, “Call on me. I am the healer. I am the deliverer.”

Mary Smith, God says he’s doing some extraordinary things, he’s calling you out today. Put your hand on your checkbook. Reverse the curse and say, “I’m through being poor. I’m through being oppressed. I’m through being indebted.” There is a spirit that’s called debt free. Speak it into the atmosphere. Lay hands on yourself and begin to decree it. I loose the supernatural faith of God upon you.

There are those of you that say, “How do you get born again?”

It’s simple. Say, “Dear God, if you sent your only begotten son into this

world to pay the price for all sin, all sickness, all oppression, all loneliness, I need this in my life.”

There are several of you that have been widowed and you’re lonely. I break the spirit of loneliness. I break familiar spirits of the old nature. I release joy unspeakable that’s filled with glory.

Thanks be to God who always, every time, all the time causes you to win.

Cast all your cares upon him because, Honey, he cares for you.

I’d like to take you in my arms and tell you of all the things you need to know. God loves you so much.

Forgiveness is a matter of choice. If you just choose to forgive yourself, it’s an amazing thing that begins to take place. The Messiah, the Lamb of God that takes away all the sin, all the sickness, and all the oppression.

It’s good to hear these good and great stories. Our faith grows. It’s like having dinner cooked for you, and it’s all ready. You’re going to have to eat it, not just smell it and say, “Boy, it smells good. It looks good.” Taste and see.

Put him to the test. Say, “God, if it’s you, if it’s really you that this woman is talking about, I want to know you. I want to know you, Lord.”

That’s what I did. I was in church all my life. I had all these experiences. There came a time that I said, “I don’t want to know about you. I want to know you.” If you really want to know him, and you ask him, and invite him

in, it’s been my experience that he comes in in such a wonderful way.

I release the Lamb of God upon you. I release the love of God. Accept it, receive it, and embrace it. Your life will be enriched when you allow the love of God in.

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  1. Mary Jo Daquilla

    WOW! Powerful! Merry Christmas Dr. Clarice to George and you! I am eternally grateful for you speaking into my life for so many years. God is good, all the time✝️

  2. Nicole

    Amen and thank you! ????

    May your blessings be tripled, in Jesus name ??

  3. Louise C.

    What a wonderful way to start a day reading your prophetic words. They overthrow the enemy’s fortresses.

  4. Carol Wilson

    Thank you for breaking the spirit of loneliness over widows. I no longer desire to be single but only desire to meet a Godly man that is pursuing God. I thank you Father God.

  5. Jimmie Carroll

    Wonderful, powerful faith filled prayer! We receive it in Jesus name❣️ We love and appreciate you,
    Dr. Clarice❣️ God bless you❣️

  6. Lorraine Blum

    I receive your Word!
    Thank you Dr. Clarice!
    All things are working for our good!??

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